Holiday Shipping Schedule

Being in ecommerce during the holiday giving season can be a pretty hectic time! We have put into place for a number of ways to make our lives easier and most importantly to ensure that all orders placed by our holiday cut off leave our building in plenty of time to arrive for Christmas Gifting. We take a look at…

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Disabled American Veterans – November 2022 Charity of The Month

It all started at the end of World War I with the outrage from the American people as they saw the soldiers that were sent off by the government arrive home wounded and sick. Groups of disabled veterans were joining together in social groups around the country rejoicing the victory and their newfound camaraderie. Soon though, the joy of victory…

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EmpowerUAmerica.Org – September 2022 Charity of The Month

EmpowerUAmerica is an organization operating out of Cincinnati, Ohio.   EmpowerU provides free classes to the public with the purpose to educate, enjoy and engage in order to get people more empowered in their lives.  We teach out of a physical studio in Cincinnati, but all our classes are also streamed live over the internet.   Our Classes cover a vast array of…

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Real Walnut Hardwood Frames

We’ve heard our customers loud and clear, they want more real wood. Every chance that we can get we’re looking for affordable real wood options for our customers. This is why we’re so excited to announce our limited edition: Real Walnut Picture Frame series. Real Walnut Frame Backstory We were given the opportunity, all thanks to the good relationships we…

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Framing Mirrors: Big or Small

Voluptuous Wide Framed Mirror in Entryway

Frames elevate whatever you add them to, whether that is memorabilia, Fine Art, Street Art Posters, Family Photos, or in this blog’s instance: Mirrors. Framing Mirrors requires a delicate hand and prior knowledge of framing. Framing family photos or posters is easy, but with mirrors, there are specific things you need to keep in mind. Without the tips, you’ll end…

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Picture Frame Types: Defined

Picture Frame Types Gallery Wall

It’s relatively easy for someone in the Art world as well as an employee of a framing company to sit down and choose between all the options of picture frames that are available. However, what about the average joe? How do you decide between, Wood Frames, Metal Frames, Poster Frames? It’s simple really, you get help from an expert! Here…

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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is coming up soon, and if you’re anything like me I’m sure you’re scrambling last minute to come with up a great gift for the fathers in your life. Finding a new creative gift for dads can be a challenge as well, but lucky for you, we’re here to save the day! Whether you’re looking for a gift…

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