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“In the months following Chris’s death, amongst the crushing pain, I had these moments of overwhelming gratitude that God had given us the gift of lasting love and allowed us to end on a high note of having weathered the storm with love stronger than I could have predicted. I want that gift for every service couple. I want deep love and a joyful family for them to rest in and savor. It makes all the difference in healing.” (Taya Kyle, Executive Director)

Honoring the legacy of Chris Kyle, husband, and father

Taya Kyle is a daughter, a Mom, and an American wife that women throughout the world can feel a connection with.  Taya founded the Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation (TACKF)as a way to continue a post-deployment legacy Chris began, aiming to help military service, veteran, and first responder marriages by providing a hand-up, that helps them escape the everyday challenges that come with a lifetime of service.

TACKF’s mission is Cultivate Hope, Strengthen the Foundations for marriage and family.

I hope you will learn more about this wonderful foundation. The different programs that they offer to help service families reconnect. Most of us know someone who faces the challenges of Active duty, former military, and first responder families. 

If you would like to know more information about Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation /Service Family Strong

check out their website at https://tackf.org

For the entire month of October 2022, $0.75 from every order on Frameusa.com will go towards Taya and Chris Kyle Foundation. There is an opportunity to donate more if you would like.

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