Shadow Box

Specialty Frames: Back To School

Back To School time is a emotional time for parents regardless of how old your kid is. From preschool to college graduation and everything in between, Frame USA is here to provide you with the Specialty Frames to help you remember the back to school pictures and memories. School Pictures: School Year Frame Skip out on the large picture day…

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Turning Your Old T-Shirts Into Art

Guys, tell me you haven’t had the following dilemma: As the years have gone by, you’ve undoubtedly amassed quite the collection of t-shirts that, by this point, you’ve totally outgrown (be it in terms of size or, in the case of your old concert and Greek life shirts from college, maturity) yet you simply can’t bear to part with. You…

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How to Design Shadow Boxes – Inspiring Ideas

Shadow boxes are boxed frames enclosed by a glass covering on top and have a greater depth than picture frames, creating a rather dramatic and distinct appeal. Going by history, they have a strong military connection where they were presented to military personnel upon retirement and the boxes contained different souvenirs like medals, badges, and flags. However, in modern times…

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