Specialty Frames: Back To School

Back To School time is a emotional time for parents regardless of how old your kid is. From preschool to college graduation and everything in between, Frame USA is here to provide you with the Specialty Frames to help you remember the back to school pictures and memories.

School Pictures: School Year Frame

Skip out on the large picture day package and opt for one of the smaller ones. No need to display that 8×10 when Frame USA offers a specialty frame titled School Years. Every year take that wallet size photo and place it in the corresponding spot within the frame. By the time they’re moving in to their college Dorm You will have a specialty frame filled with school years past!

Collage Photo Frames

First Grade: Specialty Frames

While My First Year Framed is technically for documenting your baby’s first year in easy square frame. We’re all about utilizing products in unique ways. Instead of documenting their first roll, opt to document them on the same day every month during their first school year. The kids personality will definitely shine as they come into their cool kid 2nd grade phase. Showcase their kindergarten graduation photo in the hart to remind you when they had a little less attitude!

Frame A-Tee Introduction

T-Shirt Memories

When your kid finally out grows their favorite T-shirt that they demand to wear every day of their school year, It’s time to curb the tears and get it into a T-Shirt Picture Frame. This memory can be passed on to them all the way until they’re going through it as a parent themselves and can comfort their child knowing they’ve felt the exact same feelings.

Shadow Box

Shadow Box Frames

Shadow Box Frames aren’t technically within our Specialty Frame categories. But with a little creativity and imagination they can be just as special. Add in their first play, and when they win their first EGOT, gift them the shadow box frame and let them know you’ve always known their a star. Instead of throwing away the MANY art projects you’ll be given throughout the year, Turn them into a Shadow Box display fit for the Met.

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