Turning Your Old T-Shirts Into Art

Guys, tell me you haven’t had the following dilemma: As the years have gone by, you’ve undoubtedly amassed quite the collection of t-shirts that, by this point, you’ve totally outgrown (be it in terms of size or, in the case of your old concert and Greek life shirts from college, maturity) yet you simply can’t bear to part with. You love the memories that your old shirts represent, but instead of spreading all that great love and nostalgia to the world, they remain sadly folded in your dresser or in a bin somewhere in the basement.

But there is an alternative: Instead of letting your old shirts sit in storage, lonely and forgotten, why not turn them into art? It might sound challenging, but all you need is the right frame. Read on to find out why you should frame your own old shirts with our products!

Why Frame A T-Shirt?

There are many reasons why a t-shirt might belong in a frame instead of on your body:

  • Want to rep your favorite band, but you’re passed the point of advertising them in your wardrobe? Frame the shirts instead.
  • Have a shirt with great artwork, but it’s in bad shape or doesn’t fit anymore? Frame it!
  • Did you buy a shirt as a memento from a concert or convention, but never wore the darn thing? Frame. It.
  • Putting the final details in your new man cave and need some wall art with a personal touch? You get the idea.
Shirts from your old fraternity or your most memorable concert experience make great framed pieces for your bedroom or man cave. (via Sometimes Homemade)

Basically, any shirt that you want to keep but don’t want to wear will make a great candidate for framing.

Use a Specialized T-Shirt Frame Instead of a Shadow Box

Due to their larger size and depth, shadowbox frames and jersey frames are a common go-to choice for projects that involve framing an object instead of a flat image. T-shirts, however, pose a particular problem: they are usually too loose to put in a shadow box without them bunching up or folding onto themselves once they are placed vertically on a wall. Extra steps need to be taken to secure the shirt inside the frame, either by fastening the shirt to the frame backing (which can cause damage if not done carefully) or by thickening the shirt enough that it stays tightly in place.

A specialty “Frame-A-Tee” frame from Frame USA fixes this issue and makes framing t-shirts just as simple as framing a photo. Frame-A-Tee frames include two interior foamcore pieces. One for wrapping your t-shirt around — allowing you to tighten the fabric and remove wrinkles from the shirt front — and another for sandwiching your shirt against the frame plexiglass. Coupled with the included hanging kit, the result is a nice, thick, wrinkle-free t-shirt in a frame that will display it beautifully for years to come.

Contact Frame USA today for more information on t-shirt frames, shadow boxes, and any other questions about all things frames!

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