Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Giving the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, one that is uniquely heartfelt and special, can feel daunting. Frame USA’s selection of products are built with the high quality and detailed attention that your loved ones deserve. Read on to discover gifts that are sure to make your Valentine’s Day extra sweet. Custom-Made Frames Personalized gifts are one of the best ways…

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Wedding Gift Guide

Tis the season of weddings! If you’re looking for unique gifts to shower the newlyweds that won’t be another blender or toaster oven, look no further! We’ve talked a lot about wedding photography and how to use frames within the wedding but now it’s time to talk about the perfect wedding gift! Things To Consider While Shopping For a Picture…

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Frame Matting: New Product Line

Framing in general already takes your art and family photos to the next level. So how do you elevate something as polished as a framed print? You add a mat to it! Picture frame matting is the perfect way to add a contrasting color to your already elegant artwork. However, matting also allows for something else to happen when it…

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Dorm Room Decor: How To Make Your New Home, Feel Like One.

Even though it’s been about 12 years since I first entered college, I can still remember the excitement of shopping for my dorm room and of course moving in. College marks one of the first times someone experiences independence. With independence comes the first time that your decorating style emerges. Dorm room decor, or the lack of, can completely change…

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Framing Mirrors: Big or Small

Voluptuous Wide Framed Mirror in Entryway

Frames elevate whatever you add them to, whether that is memorabilia, Fine Art, Street Art Posters, Family Photos, or in this blog’s instance: Mirrors. Framing Mirrors requires a delicate hand and prior knowledge of framing. Framing family photos or posters is easy, but with mirrors, there are specific things you need to keep in mind. Without the tips, you’ll end…

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Picture Frame Types: Defined

Picture Frame Types Gallery Wall

It’s relatively easy for someone in the Art world as well as an employee of a framing company to sit down and choose between all the options of picture frames that are available. However, what about the average joe? How do you decide between, Wood Frames, Metal Frames, Poster Frames? It’s simple really, you get help from an expert! Here…

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