How to Master Mixing Metal Picture Frames in Interior Design

The trend of mixing metals in both interior design and fashion has been on the rise for quite some time. Towards the end of 2023 the trend started to really pick up in popularity, especially when it came to interior design. The idea behind the trend is that your home décor no longer needs to focus just on one type of metal but rather it would BENEFIT from expanding to a mixed metal style. This article is all about utilizing picture frames to master the mixed metal interior design style.

Introduction to Mixed Metals in Interior Design

There are a lot of areas in your home that will typically feature a type of metal. Faucets, Appliances, Drain Covers, Pipes, door handles, cabinet fixtures, the list is endless. So, the question is how do you decide what type of metal you should choose for a space and how do you incorporate the mixed metals trend? We are here to help you not only master mixing metals in interior design but also how to do it without breaking the bank.

Understanding Metal Picture Frames

Metal Picture Frame Profiles

Our Metal Picture Frames are available in a few different profiles. The first step to utilizing picture frames to master the mixed metal design trend is to decide whether you want to incorporate multiple different profiles within your space or stick with just one.

Metal I and Metal II
Glory Metal
U-Frame Kit I
U-Frame Kit II

For a maximalist look, utilize all the profiles on a gallery wall together or spread throughout the walls of your bedroom, dining room, living room or office. If you want to be more minimalistic in your approach, stick with only one profile.

Metal Photo Frame Colors

Not all our series are going to include the same colors when it comes to metals. If you are looking for Shiny options, Metal I Picture Frame series will offer you a Silver, Gold and of course Black. Metal II series has a shiny bronze if that is more your vibe.

Metal II Picture Frame Series by Frame USA. Features 8x10 images of their current available colors: Flat Black, Contrast Gold, Contrast Silver and Shiny Bronze.

For a more matte look, Metal II Series has you covered with Contrast Silver, Contrast Gold and a Flat Black. Glory Metal comes in handy for those individuals interested in a modern look and is available in Black, Gold, Silver, and a Steel Grey.  

Metal I Picture Frame Series by Frame USA. Features 8x10 images of their current available colors: Shiny Black, Silver and Gold

Interested in creating a completely custom look to Metal Picture Frames? Utilize our U-Frame Kits to create split frames, simply order two different colors to create your frame and combine them together in one frame!

Glory Metal Picture Frame Series by Frame USA. Features 8x10 images of their current available colors: Black, Gold, Shiny Bronze, Silver and Steel Grey.

Benefits of Mixing Metal Picture Frames

When it comes to mixing metals, switching out fixtures or appliances, may be out of the budget or simply not feasible with your current skill level and time. Choosing and hanging picture frames takes no skill at all and ultimately will be a lot cheaper than changing cabinet handles or buying new hardware for your sinks and shower.

Sticking to one metal finish within a room makes that space feel flat and one-dimensional. Mixing your metals will add warmth and depth to your room. Read on for our tips to successfully mix metal picture frames.

Tips for Successfully Mixing Metal Picture Frames

Now that you are aware of the available profiles and colors and the benefits of mixing your metals, you’re ready for the fun part – CHOOSING YOUR FRAMES! When it comes to mixing metals there are 5 guidelines that we recommend following to master the mixed metal style.

Room Size Matters

When it comes to mixing metals, you want to look at the overall size of your space. The size of your room should determine the number of metals mixed. For smaller spaces, such as a bathroom or office, we recommend sticking with no more than two different finishes throughout the space. For larger spaces, such as a living room or bedroom, stick with no more than three different metals. Any more your space will lose the benefits of depth that mixing metal picture frames brings to a space and can make a space feel smaller and cluttered.

One Dominate Metal

We recommend choosing one metal to be your dominant metal. If you are decorating a room that already has metal within the space that you are unable to change, then we recommend using the existing metal as your dominant metal. From there any additional metal that you add should be added utilizing a 70/30 rule or a 60/30/10 rule. These rules are all about creating a harmonious balanced room.

70/30 Rule in Design

The 70/30 rule is all about percentages of colors within a space. it is to ensure that a space is balanced. For example when it comes to mixing metals within a bathroom. 70% would be considered your dominate metal, or the metal utilized on the sink, toilet and shower. So when it comes to adding other metals into the space you will want to make sure they are added in such a way that they make up 30% of the design space. This would look like adding a few Gold Metal picture frames to the wall to contrast the flat black metal fixtures.

60/30/10 Rule in Design

The 60/30/10 rule in design is the same as the 70/30 rule only it allows for you to incorporate even more metals or colors into the space. The dominate metal should take up 60% of your space. From there you would determine two additional metals you would like to add and between the two, choose one to add more than the other. For our bathroom example, if you already have flat black fixtures, choose one large gold frame and a few smaller bronze frames. The size of the picture frame that is gold will also add to it’s overall balance, something large even if the total quantity is less, will appear to utilize a larger % of that space due to it’s size.

Contrasting Metals

When deciding what metal picture frame to order it is important to utilize contrasting metals. There are so many different shades and looks when it comes to metals. Unless purchasing everything for your space from the same company you’re going to run the risk of clashing your metals if you try to go with similar shades. Not every picture frame that is silver is going to match existing silver in your space. For this reason choosing contrasting metals will ensure that your space doesn’t look like a mistake and instead intentional. The one exception has to do with black metal, black metal will have less variances and thus making it a safer option to purchase. If you’re concerned, we offer sample pieces of all of our frames that will allow you to compare in person prior to making the final purchase.

Color Temperature

When deciding which metals to combine in your interior spaces, you have to pay attention to their undertones. The undertones of the metal play a huge role on the overall personality of the picture frame you add to your space. They determine how the metal interacts with the other metals, colors and textures within each space. Respecting the subtle hues of a metal picture frame when mixing them is crucial to create a space that feels effortlessly polished and intentional. You want to always pair cool toned frame such as a silver picture frame with a warm toned frame such as gold or bronze.

Mixing Metal Picture Frames in Bedroom Decor
Distribute Evenly

The only way to effectively mix metals once you have figured out the specific frames you are purchasing are ensuring they are distributed throughout the space evenly. If you group them all together there won’t be any movement within the space. Distributing them throughout the space will allow the room to breathe and will let each metal picture frame to shine without overpowering the rest of the metal in the room. Play up negative space if you have metals of different finishes or competing colors such as a silver picture frame and silver faucets. Instead opt to hang the silver picture frame away from the faucet so the movement through the space feels natural and open.

If you’ve decided that mixing metal picture frames is the right path for your home, we hope this blog has given you the necessary tips and tricks to make it happen! At the end of the day, Interior design is extremely personal and very subjective. Even the experts can be split when it comes to best practices. At Frame USA, we are here to give you suggestions that may help you complete your vision less stressful and without breaking the bank! The ultimate rule of thumb when it comes to decorating your home is that YOU love it. Whether that is individually buying each piece or purchasing an entire curated space from a catalog, if you love it, then it’s perfect!

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