Wood Picture Frames vs Metal Picture Frames

Picture frames can be made out of a wide variety of materials, but the two most popular types of frames are Wood Picture Frames and Metal Picture Frames. Wood and metal are very easy to find and on top of that they are easy to work with when you’re looking to customize a frame, making these frames highly sought-after. Although wooden and metal frames for pictures are both versatile and each can suite just about any picture framing need you could encounter, they do have a few subtle differences.

While the type of frame that you choose ultimately comes down to personal preference, there are a few factors that can help you decide whether a wood or metal frame is the best choice for your piece. In this article, we’ll tackle the topic of wooden wall photo frames vs. metal wall picture frames.

When Should You Use a Wooden Picture Frame?

Wood frames are some of the oldest styles of picture frames, dating all the way back to small panel paintings in twelfth and thirteenth century Europe. Their classic look makes them ideal for more traditional framing projects. For centuries, wood has served as a favored material for framing photos, artwork, and more, due to its abundance and ease of use. For a more customized look, wood frames can be painted in a wide variety of colors. This option allows you to perfectly accent the aesthetic of a room or the piece that you are framing. Wooden picture frames are perfectly paired with tradition style artwork and are a good place to start for any kind of picture framing job.

A Variety of Wooden Picture Frames Available From Frame USA
A. Napoleon Black With Gold; B. Classic Black; C. American Flag Frame;
D. Verona Narrow Tarnished Silver; E. Farmhouse Barnwood Charcoal;
F. Architect Cherry; G. Decorate It 1.5 Inch; H. Barnwood Signature 2 7/8

It’s crucial to recognize that wood frames, crafted from a pricier material and requiring more production, may carry a higher price tag compared to metal frames. However we pride ourselves on offering cheap picture frame options in all categories we offer! Wood frames are also more susceptible to damage. Banging or dropping a wood frame can cause chips in the paint or dents. Despite their fragile nature, our wooden picture frames are a top choice for any framing project. We have options that are crafted from real wood as well as our eco-friendly frames made from a wood composite!

When Should You Use a Metal Frame?

On the other hand, metal picture frames provide a more modern look and feel than their wooden counterparts. While metal frames don’t offer as many colored frame options as our colored wood picture frames, metal frames can serve as a sleek and protective addition to your art or photo projects. Metal frames are desirable for their high durability. Our metal photo frames can withstand a few bumps and are easily fixable if damaged. If you want an even more customizable option check out our U-Frame Kits available in two different profiles. You can purchase these unassembled per side, allowing you to easily replace sides as needed. Our reputation stems from offering metal picture frames with superior quality and affordable prices.

A few Metal Frame options from Frame USA
A. Metal I Silver; B. Glory Metal Gold; C. Metal II Flat Black;

Additionally, the metal frames we produce are durable and stylish, made from extruded aluminum. These frames can easily make the right statement when placed in any interior. At the end of the day Metal and wood picture frames are both excellent choices when framing artwork.

Whatever frame you choose, Frame USA’s high-quality wood and metal photo frames are the perfect complement to your space.

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