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Why You Should Choose Frame USA This Holiday Season

It may come as no surprise to you when we tell you that your holiday shopping should be done early this holiday season. The number one reason is the increasing delays with international products. The United State’s biggest container port faces a record backlog. Approximately 200,000 shipping containers remain on ships off the coast of Los Angeles. If you’re thinking…

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Real Wood vs MDF Wood Frames

Real Wood Frames

What’s the difference between real wood vs MDF wood picture frames? In the world of moulding you will find different types of materials used to create individual styles. It might seem as simple as wood vs plastic, but the real story is much deeper. We’ll start at the beginning to see how frames start as trees in a forest, but…

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October Charity of the Month – Chris Kyle Frog Foundation

Military Spouse Retreat Charity

Every month, Frame USA chooses a different local or national charity to support. Community involvement and helping those in need is super important to us. We contribute to charities by donating money, time, and resources. For every order placed on, we donate $0.75 to the October 2018 charity of the month. October 2018’s Charity of the Month is the…

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Tips to Overcome Creative Block

Tips for creative block

How to Get Rid of Creative Block Creative block happens to every artist no matter how professional they are. We all go through times where the inspiration isn’t there. It can be super discouraging to be a creative person with no ideas of what to make. As an artist, I’ve had plenty of ups and downs. There are times when…

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Print On Demand Fine Art Prints

Print On Demand Art Prints

The Frame USA Print on Demand team is always hard at work. Every week we get tons of orders for art prints that we process, print, and frame. We’re able to complete about 300 images in a day! We currently have about 28,000 images from artists that we license and sell through Amazon. Our Print on Demand team goes through…

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