Why You Should Choose Frame USA This Holiday Season

It may come as no surprise to you when we tell you that your holiday shopping should be done early this holiday season. The number one reason is the increasing delays with international products. The United State’s biggest container port faces a record backlog. Approximately 200,000 shipping containers remain on ships off the coast of Los Angeles. If you’re thinking about purchasing frames as gifts or ways to update your décor for the holidays here’s why you should shop with Frame USA for the holidays.

100% Made in The United States

Every single one of our products is made in our warehouse located in Cincinnati, OH. We manufacture our frames using materials we gather from United States-based vendors.

What does that mean for your holiday shopping? It means that your products arrive way faster than having to wait on imports from international locations. The frames themselves take approximately 6-8 business days for us to produce. Both Frame Sizes are standard and Custom. Our Metal, Poly, and Wooden frames use the highest quality of materials.

Want things to arrive even faster? We keep our most popular sizes and styles in stock for you to purchase. These Fast Frames leave our warehouse in 24 hours.

Supporting Small Family Owned

We pride ourselves on being able to complete jobs ranging from 1 to 100,000 frames, we’re still considered a small business. In other words, We have around 70 employees. These employees work incredibly hard to ensure that our products are well made, well packaged and that our customer’s shopping trip from start to finish is quick and easy.

We Give Back

If you’re a current customer you most likely already know this but for every order that is placed on our website $0.75 of it goes to a different charity of the month. Our Retail Store also chooses a local charity that $1.00 from every custom framing order goes towards. We are always open to learning about new charities and always make sure that we are supporting charity initiatives that truly support the cause they are about.

In conclusion, when you’re thinking about shopping for picture frames this holiday Season, choose Frame USA.

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