Why You Should Choose Frame USA This Holiday Season

It may come as no surprise to you when we tell you that your holiday shopping should be done early this holiday season. The number one reason is the increasing delays with international products. The United State’s biggest container port faces a record backlog. Approximately 200,000 shipping containers remain on ships off the coast of Los Angeles. If you’re thinking…

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Real Wood vs MDF Wood Frames

Real Wood Frames

What’s the difference between real wood vs MDF wood picture frames? In the world of moulding you will find different types of materials used to create individual styles. It might seem as simple as wood vs plastic, but the real story is much deeper. We’ll start at the beginning to see how frames start as trees in a forest, but…

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Wedding Photography Framing Tips

Wedding Decor

Tips for Wedding Photography and Framing I grew up believing there are a few important stages in life: graduating from college, finding your first “big kid job”, getting married, and then all the fun stuff that follows marriage. So when those steps fell into place perfectly in my life, I was over the moon! Right after getting my first big kid…

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