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Real Wood vs MDF Wood Frames

What’s the difference between real wood vs MDF wood picture frames? In the world of moulding you will find different types of materials used to create individual styles. It might seem as simple as wood vs plastic, but the real story is much deeper. We’ll start at the beginning to see how frames start as trees in a forest, but become our beautiful mouldings.

Real Wood

As you know, choosing the right frame can both accentuate the beauty of your art and protect your projects.
If you’ve decided that a classic wood frame best fits your framing goals, you’ve already taken the first step toward achieving the perfect finishing touch for your piece. At Frame USA, we primarily use two types of wood frames for framing materials: real wood and medium-density fiberboard (MDF) wood.

What is MDF Wood Frame?

Corporate Wide MDF Photo Frame

MDF is an abbreviation for Medium Density Fiberboard. It is the byproduct of wood chips and sawdust which has been pressurized and held together for a sustained finish. Because of this uniform process, every single piece of MDF looks exactly the same.

During the manufacturing process, the Frame USA team adds a moulding wrap to the frame. This process ensures that every MDF wood frame will appear the same, taking the guesswork out of wood framing. MDF or Eco-Friendly frames are cheaper, invariable in style and imperfections and require less maintenance than a real wood frame.

What’s the difference between real wood frames and MDF wood frames?

American Value Silver Real Wood Frame

What’s the difference between real wood vs MDF wood picture frames? MDF picture frames are a terrific option for a classic frame style, but if you want an option that will add uniqueness and style to your project, consider a real wood frame such as our Architect series or Barnwood. Real wood frames contain visible grains, meaning that no two wood frames will ever appear the same. You can truly be sure that your piece is one of a kind.

Frame USA’s wood frames are primarily made from two types of trees: ash trees and pine trees, with pine being the most used material. The benefits of real wood go beyond just the aesthetic. These frames are often sturdier than their eco-friendly counterparts and are crafted with a high level of intricacy and attention to detail.

Which Picture Frame Should I Buy: Real Wood or Wood Composite Picture Frames?

As with all other aspects of the framing process, choosing between eco- or real wood comes down to your personal preference. If factors like durability are a concern, an MDF frame may serve you better. MDF frames are less susceptible to heat and humidity and much simpler to produce, making it a more cost-effective choice. However, if you have an eye for design, you’ll likely be more satisfied with a real wood frame. Real wood is unmatched in its stylish and special appearance. While you may pay slightly more for real wood, you can be sure that your piece will have a distinctive value. Note, however, that real wood requires more upkeep, care, and attention—making a real wood frame a perfect pairing for whatever precious family photo, intricate print, or cherished work of art that you’re placing in it.

Whether you decide to frame with MDF wood or real wood, Frame USA has the quality and care to ensure you’ll love your final product. See our collection of wood frames here.

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    • The MDF is pressed so tightly that typical climate moisture should not affect the wood however prolonged exposure to liquid as well as dousing the frames will cause a breakdown.

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