wood picture frames

Wood, Plastic, and Metal: What You Need to Know About Common Framing Materials

Choosing a frame can be complicated. Frames come in a huge variety of styles, materials, shapes, sizes, and colors, and finding the right combination can be daunting to say the least, particularly for inexperienced framers. But a good starting point is looking at the main picture framing materials: Wood, plastic, and metal. Wood Used in framing for thousands of years…

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Real Wood vs MDF Wood Frames

Real Wood Frames

What’s the difference between real wood vs MDF wood picture frames? In the world of moulding you will find different types of materials used to create individual styles. It might seem as simple as wood vs plastic, but the real story is much deeper. We’ll start at the beginning to see how frames start as trees in a forest, but…

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Floater Frames and Our New Print-On-Demand Service

Floater Frames

Floater Frames for Canvas Prints Frame USA has recently added to our growing list of services an Amazon.com print-on-demand site. As we mentioned in our recent blog post here, this meant adding a new large format printer to our team in order to increase our productivity. We offer a huge selection of beautiful art prints and photography that we can now quickly print…

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Frame USA February News

We have some exciting new things taking place around Frame USA and we want to share them with you!     The Executive Picture Frame series is great for awards, certificates, artwork and just about anything you’d be looking to frame. These frames really bring to life any room where a rich and warming presence is required. All Executive Picture…

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Grey Picture Frames

Grey Picture Frames are hot right now due to their versatility. The color is relaxed and subtle, and it can be dressed up or down depending on how you intend to use the color. Because of this, we’ve brought you two great new options of grey wall frames. Gray pairs best with: Red The Bright and boldness of the red…

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