Small Businesses To Shop With This Holiday Season

We’re no strangers to how difficult it can be as a small business especially when there is a certain pandemic happening. We’re a small business with a love for BIG projects. We love to support other small businesses. Below are some of our customers that have some pretty awesome products. Consider shopping with them for your next gift needs.


Nancy Sullivan Watercolors

Using an 8×10 Decorate It 2-inch frame she recreated one of her original watercolors “The Lovely Couple” and brought it to life by extending the tree branch off the page onto the frame and mat.


Using an 8×10 Decorate It 2-inch frame Patricia Bingham from Zoopsiart started with the hand-colored photo and drew inspiration for the colors and design. Since the frame was going to be “busy” I wanted a simple picture. Bingham works with many different media from Photography to painting to collage. Her style of art is reminiscent of picture book illustrations but tilted. The majority of her artwork features animals. So much so it was the inspiration behind the name of her business. Zoopsia means visions of animals!

Pencilmark Studio

Lynn Stephenson from Pencilmark Studio has been an artist all her life. This year she decided to use her artistic abilities as a career and registered her studio as a business. The small-framed piece in our Decorate It Frame is created with colored pencil. She continued her artwork off-page and onto the frame. Join her as she develops her business into the success we know it will be.

Leslie Casilli

Leslie Casilli is a fantasy artist who paints both digitally and in oils to bring her creations to life.  She is currently working on a Tarot series, as well as a series of dragons inspired by local birds.

Melbeck Studio

Melinda Curtin is a full -time artist. She paints mostly animals and pet portraits in whimsical way. She started as a watercolorist but has since transitioned into multimedia everything from fabrics to floor art.

Wine & Design

Wine & Design Winston-Salem (like all Wine & Design studios) is locally owned and operated, and focuses on bringing out the artist in everyone. We have had to adapt in a big way this year, but have started offering virtual classes and parties so people can still come together through art and creativity from the safety of their homes


Bristow Images

Using an 8×10 Decorate It 2-inch frame Lori put one of her nature photographs and added a barbed wire to complete it. Lori Bristow’s custom framed photography brings a piece of nature into your home or office one print at a time.

JB Illustrators

Using an 8×10 Decorate It 2-inch frame Jerry Brown brought his original artwork come to life. He prints the photographs that he designs as well as custom ones that are uploaded on transparency and places LED lights behind each image. Jerry Brown from JB Illustrators states that they will do whatever it takes to make your treasure, “Your Forever Treasure”


Mountain Ridge Creations

Using an 8×10 Decorate It 2-inch frame Ann Heap, Owner and artist from Mountain Ridge Creations merged fabric craft with photography and started to create quilted landscapes. She takes inspiration from her original photographs but ultimately the end results are merged from multiple photographs and her own imagination. The featured creation is roughly based on a sunset photo from Shenandoah National Park. She used several coats of Danish Oil on our frame to bring out it’s nautral wood grain.

Penny Feder Art

Penny Feder has a master’s in printmaking. She enjoys woodcuts, etchings, and monotypes. For years she utilized mixed media collage on canvas. She took that technique and added it to our Decorate It 2-inch frame.  In addition to creating fine art, Penny Feder has not one but TWO businesses. The first being: Pjs Little People and her brand new one Little Art Prints

Elizabeth Ann McNally

Elizabeth Ann McNally is an artist and printmaker. She created this relief printmaking piece called “Backyard Treasure”. Using our Decorate It frame she printed the artwork on cotton paper and with color elements from Kozo paper including hand marbled paper delicately cut and reapplied. This method makes every piece she makes unique. Her choice of artistic content is narrative and nonrepresentational. Her narrative work expresses the humor and frivolity of everyday life through the foil of animals and their nature. In her nonrepresentational work, she lets color, line, pattern, and the properties of the material and medium are the focus of the composition.


Yumedarling (aka Alice) has created digital paintings for over 10 years and enjoys adding a handmade touch to her pieces. She creates luscious illustrations in the form of prints, acrylic keychains and stands, and even hand-drawn custom keychains. Her unique and high-quality items are often purchased as gifts. Almost nothing makes Alice happier than a customer enjoying her artwork!


My name is Amanda, though I go by Scribbles on most platforms. I am an artist and a streamer. I like to do a variety of arts and craft projects. I bounce back and forth between digital and traditional art. I love painting fantasy creatures and characters. I enjoy the Bob Ross style of an oil painting. I am also a bookbinder and an avid crocheter. I really just enjoy creating new things and keeping things interesting. I am most active on Twitch where I stream 4 days a week.


CarArtWork, Inc. designs, manufactures, markets, and distributes unique, custom-designed automotive art and accessories in brushed stainless steel. Products include ornaments, business card holders, wall hangings, mounted emblems, embellished photo frames, portfolios, and shadowboxes featuring the iconic emblems and logos.

Additionally, CarArtWork can create a custom piece featuring your design or logo as gift, award or memento to promote your business or organization.

All products are proudly made in the USA.


TenPenny Farm

Tenpenny Farm is a 1st generation, Veteran-owned farm, nestled in the Apple Belt of Cumberland County Pennsylvania.  Here, we breed and raise boer goats, chickens, grow and sell produce, small crops, and firewood.  We also love creating unique crafts that we sell on our FB page and bring to you at local craft and vendor shows.  We are always growing and adding to our farm.  Follow our page to see what is happening next! 

Metz & Matteo

Metz & Matteo are two childhood friends that decided to combine their talents of creative writing and photography to design home and personal goods to inspire and delight the senses. This dynamic duo creates inspirational posters, handmade items such as knit scarves and zipper fobs, useful merchandise like face masks and phone cases, and is the exclusive retailer of Matteo’s fine photographic prints. One of which is featured in our 8×10 Decorate It 2-inch frame that has been embellished with seashells. This is just the beginning! Follow them on social media to see what adventure awaits them next!

Homestyle Charlie

Homestyle Charlie’s curated goods and gifts feature hard-to-find items sourced from New York, Chicago, and LA, as well as locally-made artisan wares. From fine art sculptures to retro kitsch, you’ll find something for everyone. Homestyle Charlie is also a direct retailer for the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art Gift Shop. They used the same historical tile designs as they do in their jewelry to tile the front of our Decorate It Frame. If you look closely you’ll see inspirations tucked within the design elements. All of their products are available to be customized with text to celebrate special occasions.

Rusted Barn Boutique

This brand new boutique specializes in unique decor with a rustic vibe. They took our pine decorate it series and turned it into something unlike anything we’ve seen before! Join them as they produce more products that are sure to be as spectacular.


GeoJango’s mission is to help people learn more about the world with fun and inspirational maps! They create push pin maps, like the above of our very own Cincinnati, OH that they framed using our Decorate It Frame. Their maps are designed by a professional Geographer and Environmental Scientist. Have a spot you want to capture in map form? Head on over to their website and order it!

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