Customize Picture Frames: Ways To Add a Personal Touch

So you have found a piece of art that has captured your heart, or maybe you recently received a brand new set of family photos that you just have to show off. Art that brings you joy is incredibly personal, so how can you continue this feeling when you add the frame? Frame USA is here to help provide you with ways to customize your own picture frames that will add a personal touch to each one you purchase.

Why It’s Important To Customize your Picture Frames

Picture frames are serve as both a means to protect your piece as well as a way to elevate it from just a simple print to a work of art. It’s easy to just buy the cheapest picture frame and slap your image inside, but that shouldn’t be the goal for your favorite pieces. Customizing your own picture frame to fit you and your style is how you fall just in love with the frame itself as you are with your chosen piece.

a customize picture frame design featuring Frame USA gory metal and a double floated mat
Vintage music posters from the 70s/80s turned into a memorable wall decor thanks to a customize picture frame design featuring Frame USA Glory Metal and a double floated mat

When you take one of the below tips and apply it to your shopping experience the end result will be a unique one of a kind decor piece that is worth sharing with all your friends. The frame becomes a statement piece instead of something that hundreds of other people have in their homes.

Choosing The Right Picture Frame

When it comes picture frame customization, the first step is choosing the right picture frame, and well we’re here to tell you that the only “right” picture frame is the one that makes you happy when you see it. There are things you need to keep in mind when purchasing a picture frame such as the size of the piece you are framing as well as the available space you have where you are going to be hanging. There are also suggestions on what frames to pair with certain art styles but they’re only suggestions.

We’ve covered standard picture frame sizes before on the blog and we have helpful tips all over the site. When shopping for picture frames using, it’s important to remember that all of our frames are based on the size of the opening. In other words, whatever size image you have, is the size picture frame to order!

Customize Picture Frames with Mats

The only time where image size does not determine the frame size is when you add matting.

When you decide to add a mat to your project, the image size determines the inside opening of the mat. The width of the mat then determines what frame size to order. Matting is probably the easiest and user friendly way to personalize your picture frame. We make ordering your mat super simple with mat designers.

Simply enter in your image size, determine how wide you want your mat to be and whether or not you want a special corner cut. The corner cuts are an easy way to customize the picture frame even more. Our mat Designer tool will show exactly what frame size you need to order right after the color in the product description

DIY Picture Frame

If you’re looking for a little bit more of a project to accomplish consider DIYing a picture frame into something completely different. Turn a frame shell into jewelry holder, or add a spooky touch with golden skulls.

When in doubt: PAINT!

If Mats are a little too basic but you’re not ready to get out the hot glue gun or stapler, consider picking up a sample size paint color that complements your decor or art piece and paint the frame! While our unfinished photo frame is designed specifically for paint and DIY projects, all of our frames can be painted with great success. However we strongly consider choosing one of the unfinished options to make it last longer without having to touch up.

Whichever method you choose for making your own custom frame, the end result will be something you won’t see on the walls of any influencer, celebrity or pop star and that is something incredibly special. Consider trying to customize your own picture frames using one of our methods and share the end result when you do!

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