5 Spooky Crafts With Picture Frames

There is something so satisfying about creating something. Sure you could easily go out and purchase something from the store but when you sit down and create something that fully matches those Pinterest inspiration pictures, there is no better feeling.

I’m here today to give you 5 spooky Halloween crafts that you can do with materials from the dollar store, plus some great picture frames.

I took a trip down to our closeout section for these frames but all the frames that I have used are available to purchase from our website or you can save a buck or two and purchase the size and color combo from our closeout section.

The best part about these crafts is that they’re customizable, you can easily change these up for different seasons or for your preference or décor style.

Spiderweb Frame

This particular frame is an 8×10 farmhouse style barnwood picture frame. I grabbed two fine-tipped sharpies and a spiderweb picture from the web and go to work.

For the perfectionists out there, this one can easily go from stress reliever to stressful if the web doesn’t come out exactly the way it looks from the spider web photo. HOWEVER, the most beautiful thing about spider webs is that they’re all unique. Don’t fret if you mess up, just cover it with a plastic spider and no one will have any idea.

Another great part about this craft is you can use up those spider rings that you have lying around from Halloween parties from your kid’s school. Just cut off the ring part with a pair of scissors grab some hot glue and stick them on your web!

Skull Frame

This craft ended up being one of my favorites to do as well as my favorite result. I grabbed one of our ornate picture frames, Victorian Antique gold in 7×7, grabbed some skull erasers from the dollar store, gold spray paint, and my trusty hot glue gun, and got to work.

No matter how many stores I went to, I simply could not find any skulls, so I had to settle for skull erasers despite them being not the color I was looking for. I spray-painted them gold to match the frame. You could also utilize a different color of spray paint and simply spray the entire frame with the skulls attached once you are complete.

Due to the skulls being erasers, they were pretty bulky, so I had to be careful with my placement to not add too much bulk to the frame. I opted to make a trickle-down effect on either side of the frame. I choose to switch the orientation of the skull every time I set one down to make it look like they were falling down the frame. Depending on how many bags of erasers or skulls that you purchase you could continue the process all away around the frame. You could also easily choose a thinner frame and cover the entire thing with skulls.

Thin #805
Medium #800
Large #793

Corkboard Frame

This craft is for the individuals who love to craft but also think they don’t have the skills for it. It will get your feet wet and result in confidence-building that you’re able to do anything you set out.

All you need is a wood frame, corkboard roll or sheets, ribbon, and hot glue, and scissors. The spooky animal skeleton is optional, or could be swapped out with a pumpkin, or fall color flower! This Frame is our 5×7 Olympic Bronze frame which is ultimately our spookiest frame with its black body and orange edges.

For this particular project, you’re going to need a corkboard that is thick enough for a traditional push pin to go through it. This is key and something that I did not think about when I purchased the roll I did. I would recommend purchasing a roll that is at least 1/4″ thick to really make sure that the push pins don’t go through the cork.

Since I purchased a roll of cork I needed to trim it out to be the size of the frame. To make it easier you could always purchase sheets of corkboard that are exactly the size of the frame so no cutting is needed. Once you have the corkboard ready, remove the glass and discard it safely. From there secure the corkboard into the frame with the back piece.

How To Create a Bow

The next part is going to be the most difficult part of this craft and that’s creating a bow!

Cut about 12 inches of ribbon out, with the left side create a loop around your finger. Repeat this on the other side. Take the right loop and wrap it around the left loop in the front and pull it through the hole that was made. Pull both sides tight and adjust the ends to be the same length and going the same direction. Hot glue your finished bow to the top or bottom of your corkboard frame. This part is optional but will add a finished look to your bow. Fold the bottom of the bow together and cut a triangle from the open edge side to create a triangle edge on the ends of the bow. Repeat with the other side.

From there you can either sit back and marvel at your amazing abilities or take it even further by hot-gluing a skull to the middle of your bow.

Plaid Wood Frame

This craft will require parent participation if you’re doing it with your littles. While the previous crafts there wasn’t a requirement as to the type of frame that you use, for this particular craft one of our Unfinished frames. This one is our Unfinished Profile 1 but could also be accomplished with any of our other unfinished frames. You will also need Mod Podge, a paintbrush, a stick lighter, and a paper napkin of your choice, yes you read that correctly, a paper napkin.

Carefully remove the 2nd layer of your napkin to reveal just the patterned layer. Set this aside and apply mod podge all over the wood frame. Ensure that you cover the frame completely with a layer of mod podge. From there grab your patterned napkin and lay it over the frame.

Very gently smooth out the napkin along all sides of the frame. With the napkin only being one layer and slightly damp from the mod podge there is a greater risk of it tearing as you’re smoothing. Cut diagonally from the edges of the napkin until you have gotten close to the frame. From there gently fold the newly created napkin triangles along the edges of the frame. Make sure that the napkin is fully saturated with mod podge before moving on to the next step.


Now comes the fun part. In a well-ventilated area, or outside grab that lighter and light the excess napkin on fire. The fire will stop at the fully saturated napkin. The beautifully patterned frame will remain. The edges may be a little jagged which can be smoothed with light grit sandpaper.

Picture Frame Shell Door Wreath

If you would like for the pattern to also be along the inside edge you will want to do the same but instead of scissors use a toothpick or paper clip and gently make a hole into the center of the napkin. From there cut out the excess and fold down the napkin.

Everyone knows what to do with regular picture frames but what about shells? This simple craft has SO many possibilities, in fact, you can easily use a picture frame shell in a variety of ways around your house but this one, in particular, is for outdoors. Since our picture frames are not manufactured to be outdoors I recommend that if your door is not covered or shielded from the elements to seal the frames before starting with a protective coating made for outdoors.

This project is scalable based on the door or space the wreath is for. The frame in the video is a 7×7 Corporate Brazilian Walnut frame. The smaller size is perfect for an office environment. For a door wreath, choose a larger size frame such as an 11×14 or 16×20.

I utilized things such as fake flowers, a plastic skeleton, plastic spiders, Ribbon, Plastic Mesh, and creepy cloth for our wreath but the possibilities are endless. For inspiration check out our Creative Use of Frames board on Pinterest for some of our favorites.

Tips & Tricks for Wreaths

The actual placement of the items is entirely up to you and your preference some recommendations are if you’re going to have bulkier items, for instance, my skull and my bow, keep them in opposite corners and then keeping the remaining corners bare or minimalistic. If your items aren’t super bulky or are smaller feel free to fully encompass the frame all the way around. Prior to beginning, we recommend that you install one of our sawtooth hangers on the back or tie a string or ribbon to the top of the frame to make a hanging loop. I used Hot Glue to attach the cloth to the back of the frame. If you are using this outdoor to use an outdoor safe hot glue or purchase a staple gun.

There you have it 5 spooktacular crafts you can make using picture frames. If these didn’t get you into the spooky spirit, I don’t know what will! I also hope that they have helped inspire you to think outside of the “Frame”.

If you end up using Frame USA Picture frames to make any of the crafts, tag us on Facebook and show us your work! Comment below if you have a particular DIY you would like to see, you just might see it for the next holiday.

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