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Framing in general already takes your art and family photos to the next level. So how do you elevate something as polished as a framed print? You add a mat to it! Picture frame matting is the perfect way to add a contrasting color to your already elegant artwork. However, matting also allows for something else to happen when it comes to framing. Matting allows for you to frame multiple pieces all in one frame. When you have multiple openings in a mat within one frame you save wall space.

Multi Opening Frame Matting

Six new offerings from Frame USA, Multi Opening Frame Matting

We’ve been seeing an increase in requests and trends for multi opening mats. The time is now, we have officially launched 6 different pre cut multi opening mats. These mats for picture frames allow for you to frame up to 4 images inside of one of our frames. We chose six neutral colors to start with but if you are interested in any of our mat colors with these openings, give us a call and we’d be happy to help you out!

8×10 Multi Opening Mats

One of the most popular size photograph size is 8×10. Our 8×10 multi opening mat features two openings for 8×10 images. They are available in 6 different mat colors: Pure Gray, French Vanilla, Gray, Pure White (Our Stock Mat Color), Smooth Black and Smooth White Frame Matting.

Measurements of our Multi Opening Mat for 8×10 Images

5×7 Multi Opening Mats

Just about tied as most popular photograph size with 8×10 is 5×7, this size is also lends itself very well inside a multi opening mat due to its smaller size. We have available three different layouts all to fit 5×7.

Pure White

Our first photo mat for frames features two openings sized to fit inside an 11×14 size frame. Being a standard size this makes finding a frame for it incredibly easy.

French Vanilla

Our three opening picture frame matting is one that requires a custom sized frame. Since almost all of our frame series are available to be purchased as a custom size, adding this mat to go with them is easy! All you need to do is order a 7.5×25.5 sized frame. Choose one of the neutral colors to pair with it and watch in amazement as your friends stare in awe at your beautiful masterpiece.

Pure Grey

Finally the third option for all your 5×7 images features 4 openings. This photo mat for frames is similar to our 8×10 multi opening mat fits inside a 13×19 frame. A standard size for our line but not a popular size you’ll see on the shelves. It’s what makes shopping with a frame shop so much better is that we cater to not just what’s popular but what is needed by our customers.

4×6 Multi Opening Mats

4×6 is our final size available for multi opening mats for picture frames. Both of our mats that will be able to accommodate 4×6 mats have 4 openings available. One is a custom sized frame that fits an 8.5×21.5 sized frame. Like our three opening sized frame this one is able to be put in almost any of our frames that have custom option which makes it almost as versatile as a standard size frame.

Smooth White

Similar to the one that fits 5×7 we also have a 4×6 four spot reminiscent of a window pain.


Whether you’re looking to frame family photos, engagement photos, wedding photos or artwork Frame USA multi opening frame matting is the choice for you! Check it out and order some today.

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