Best Selling Picture Frames: 2023 Framing Trends

Goodbye 2023, Hello 2024. As we enter a new year, we continue to be so incredibly grateful for our customers who continue to support us year after year. As we have the past couple of years, we’re entering 2024 by highlighting the best selling picture frames of 2023. These sizes, colors and products featured below were the most popular sellers throughout 2023. If you’re looking for a product to purchase from these products are a fantastic place to start! Without further ado, on to the data!

Top Product Series by Type

Whether you prefer the modern touch that is Metal Frames, the economical choice that is Poster Frames, the traditional choice that is Wood Frames, or you’re after a more unique framing product, we have a top series to cover them all.   

Best Selling PIcture Frames By Frame Type

Timeless Artistry: Wood Picture Frames

It’s not a surprise by any means that Architect came out on top for the wood frames section. We’ve been writing blog posts about the top selling years every January for the past three years. So far this will be the third time in a row that our wooden Architect Picture frame series comes out on top. Is it the thin real wood profile? The ten colors featuring both neutral and vibrant colored frame options? The timeless and modern squared off moulding? We think it’s a combination of all the above!

Shimmering Stars: Metal Picture Frames

Similarly, to Architect, Metal I picture frames have been in our top 5 best selling picture frame lists for the past three years as well. In fact, all but one series of our metal picture frames earned a spot in our top 20, and the last one, U-Frame Kit II fell in space 21. This just shows that 2023 was a year that people embraced the modern feel! Our Metal series is one of the oldest series we still carry. We’ve unfortunately had a few customer favorites get discontinued by our vendors in 2023: RIP to our Red White and Blue colors! With metal’s popularity on the rise, our New Products Committee will have a clear contender in bringing in some new options as we move into 2024!

Affordable Elegance: Poster Frames

Best Selling Poster Frame - Simply Poly

We officially have a newcomer for top product in 2023! For the past two years our corrugated poster frames have come out on top, however in 2023, Our Simply Poly Poster Frame series dethroned the original classic for the top crown. Out of all our poster frame collection, simply poly is the frame that looks the most like a traditional frame. It features a squared off medium width profile that is backloading and comes joined together just like any of our wood or metal frames. This poster frame is a great frame choice for apartments and dorm rooms as it is an economical option for framing posters that still has all the charm and elegance of traditional wood frames. In addition to its affordability, the complete poster frame is incredibly light making it easy to hang without the use of nails!

Beyond The Ordinary: Specialty Picture Frames

If you’re in the market for some memory-saving picture frames, then head on over to our Specialty Frames section! These picture frames were all created with a specific purpose in mind. If you’re looking for a meaningful gift for someone in your life, these products are a great unique place to start. The top product in this category is a special one, our T-Shirt Frame! This frame utilizes one of our other overall top products, the In-Depth moulding and comes with two pieces of foam core. One to wrap your T-shirt around and another for the backing. This is a great option for important shirts that you’ve outgrown that you still want to remember.

Depth In Design: Shadowbox Picture Frames

Shadowbox Frames are a niche product, you purchase a shadowbox when you have a specific need or project in mind so therefore the popularity of them is not as high as say a traditional wood frame. The top product in our Shadowbox type is the larger grander option of all our shadowboxes. Our Shadowbox Showcase series is available in 4 neutral colors and features an impressive 2.5-inch depth and a 1-inch moulding. The depth of this shadowbox frame makes framing your jerseys and keepsakes incredibly easy!

Overall Best-Selling Picture Frame Series of 2023

While those are the best selling picture frames by frame type, they aren’t the top series overall. Architect stays in its top spot, and Metal I continue to be popular, but we add Affordable series, Corporate Series, and our In-Depth shadowbox inspired frame as well. The one positive about picture frames is that while there are trends that happen, that make one type of frame more popular than another, no matter what frame style you choose, when you shop American made picture frames from your sure to have a frame stay beautiful and timeless for years to come. 

Size & Color Trends: Unveiling the Top Picks that Dominated 2023’s Style Palette!

In addition to the top products, we wanted to highlight the best selling picture frame sizes as well as the colors. These aren’t exclusive to one series but our product line as whole. 11×14 picture frames continues to be a top seller and we understand why, it’s the perfect size, not too big but also not too small! The color that caught us by surprise being in the top was Blue! Who knew a bright color would be trending in 2023.  Should we consider adding more blue picture frames to our line in 2024?

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