Best Selling Frames of 2021

Its easy for us to tell you what we think are our best selling frames but what are the actual best selling series? Well we’ve crunched the numbers and have figured out not only the best selling series, but the best selling sizes and colors within those series for the year 2021. These best selling photo frames are sure to continue in popularity as we continue into 2022.

Architect Series

Top three best selling sizes

One of our oldest series that we have in our catalog still. This particular series has been around since the early days of Frame USA, inc. Our oldest catalog that we still have in pocession with Architect is from 1996. This real wood moulding sits in as one of our thinnest wood frames. Available in 10 different colors. It’s no surprise that this stands out as the top seller. It’s no surprise to us but the favorite choice of color was Black!

Scanned listing from our 1996 Catalog!

Metal Series

This particular series is even older than Architect. Once called Metal Gallery Frames and only available in 3 colors and 13 sizes have since evolved into our standard 32 sizes with three additional metalic colors, Red, White and Blue of course. The best selling color was one of the original, now called Shiny Black as we added a Flat black into the mix. Those who love the metalic look also love big and bold, 24×36 was the top selling size!

Scanned listing from our 1995 Catalog

Affordable Series

We’re not surprised by this one in the top 3. This series is named affordable for a reason. The most popular of the series include a combo of Medium and Small. This one is also available in a wide version and has four traditional frame colors in the medium width. This particular series is one of the newer series, but only in comparison to some of our other tops. Affordable has been around for over 10 years. Similar to Architect, the top sizes are a mixture of medium sizes for picture frames.

Affordable Medium 11×14 and 16×20, and Affordable Small 18×24

U-Frame Kit I

U-Frame Kits are the perfect option for the DIYers. This particular series has also been around since the early days. It allows for anyone to purchase the exact size they are looking for from 8 inches all the way up to 50 inches. All you have to do is purchase your two sizes to make up the total frame. We ship you the rails and you do the rest with a flat-head screw driver. We have since added 9 different colors to choose from since 1995 original three. The top three sizes tha people purchased in 2021 are Flat Black 28 inches, 24 inches and 20 inches.

Listing from our 1995 Catalog, Peep the old address, before we moved to where we’re located now on Northland Blvd in Cincinnati!

Corrugated Posterframe

Frame USA,inc Started out as a poster business called Posterservice, Inc (Now Art & Canvas!). It wasn’t until Dan Regenold saw a need from his poster clients for frames that Frame USA was born. The Corrugated Poster Frame is the original poster frame. This four part frame is made from mylar and allows for easily displaying your favorite posters. While we have kept the same top selling colors that we have had since the beginning we have throughout the years added a few more sizes. This makes framing your posters even more economical.

LIsting from 1995 Catalog

While these are just the top 5 best selling photo frame series, there are even more frames for you to choose from that were among the top! For best selling wood frames check out our best selling catagory!

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