Metal Picture Frames

DIY Picture Frame Kits by Frame USA

Need to frame an important photo or art print?

Luckily, we sell an exclusive frame that offers the perfect way to frame large-scale and small-scale works of art with ease! As a metal frame, the structure is sturdy and gives off the appearance of a custom frame job.

Metal Picture Frames
Our sturdy, easy-to-assemble U-Frame kits are great for that “Custom Framed” look.

What’s the difference between our metal picture frames and our U-Frames?

Metal picture frames are indeed a customer favorite, offering beautiful, glossy finishes that add a touch of modernism to your work. However, for larger metal frame sizes, some bending may occur. The workaround? Upgrade to our U-frame kits! These do-it-yourself framing kits are our only frames that do not come ready-made, but instead require some very light assembly (all you need is a screwdriver!)

Overall, our standard metal picture frames will probably fit all of your needs. However, if you need a large frame (like a 24×36) or prefer a more DIY picture frame approach, our U-Frame kits will be your best bet for longevity and quality. If you need any help assebling your U-frame kits, simply follow the directions included in your order. You can also email us at [email protected] or call us at 1-800-577-5920.

Also, you can check out this video tutorial by our CEO Dan Regenold on how to get the most out of our DIY picture frame kits.

Thanks for shopping with us at Frame USA!

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  1. I’m putting together 2 pieces of glass 10″ x 16″ & A paper picture in middle,
    I need a frame for that size glass to fit in

    • Hi Jacob,
      10×16 is a custom size so once you find a frame that you like click the custom tab and enter in those dimensions! It will include both glass and backing and flex points to enclose them. If you would like to order just the frame itself check the “shell only” box!

  2. Do you sell black metal frame kits in the 24″ x 48″ size? I know you sell the 24″ but the 48″ size is large. That is the size canvas I must frame. This is regular artist canvas NOT the gallery wrap type. I am looking for black aluminium

  3. Hello,
    I’m trying to frame a wall mural of the Brooklyn Bridge that is 12ft by 4ft. Can I make a frame with your kit in this size? How many kits do I need to purchase?

    • Hi Karen, Unfortunately, our kits only go up to 50″. You typically would need to purchase one of each of the sizes you need. For example if I wanted to frame an 8×10 image I would need to purchase an 8″ kit and a 10″ kit to complete the frame. Each kit includes two pieces of the same length.

    • Hi Dianne!

      Head on over to and you’ll be able to purchase the frames. If you are looking for the picture frame kit you’ll want to go to our Metal picture frames section and select U Frame Kit I or II.

  4. I have a little experience with metal frames and am looking for another supplier. I see information on your frames does not mention the plates required to join the corners. I trust those are included in your kits?

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