The Best Framing Options for Making Large Posters Look Awesome

You’ve just bought a really nice poster. And at 27×41”, it’s a big one too! But then you realize something: poster frames at that size are kind of tough to come by. And pretty expensive besides! With so few options, it can be hard to frame your large poster and still stay within budget.

Luckily, we’re here to help! Below you will see some of the best picture frames for large posters that we offer, without emptying your wallet. We’ll also tell you how to see what your poster will look like in a frame before you buy it.

Standard Poster Frames

The first style is the standard poster frame that you’ve probably seen in department stores. They are generally made of cheaper materials and require a bit of assembly. You need to remove the plastic borders in order to insert your poster. The trade-off is a relatively inexpensive price point, making these frames perfect for framing on a budget.

Relatively simple and cheap, standard poster frames don’t distract attention away from the poster and are great for framing on a budget.

Frame USA offers standard poster frames with different backing materials depending on framing needs. For large, full-size posters (27×39″ or bigger), the best choice among them is the Hardboard Poster Frame. The stiff, durable backing of these frames provides the most stability and is less likely to warp or bend. This makes them ideal for displaying any poster that you want to last for years while still staying on budget. If you’re just looking for the cheapest option, Corrugated Poster Frames will do the job if handled with care. A third option is the Foamcore variety, which boasts a more durable backing than corrugated cardboard while remaining lightweight.

Deluxe Poster Frames

Next is the Deluxe style poster frame, which uses the same plastic polystyrene material as a standard poster frame, but with a much thicker, rounder profile that add durability and style. These frames work well with any poster that you want to give a classic look. Unlike standard poster frames, the Deluxe are back-loaded, so there is no assembly (or disassembly) required when framing your poster.

Deluxe poster frames are perfect for simple, classic style at an affordable price.

Simply Poly Poster Frames

For those seeking a little “extra”, Frame USA’s Simply Poly frames features an elevated look that goes beyond the standard poster frame aesthetic. Like the standard and Deluxe poster frame varieties, the Simply Poly frame borders are made from durable polystyrene. Unlike those frames, however, Simply Poly features a wider, flatter profile (about 1.25” wide) — providing a more contemporary look that might be a better fit for posters that are particularly artful. Like the Deluxe poster frame, Simply Poly frames are back-loaded for easy framing.

Like their standard poster frame counterparts, the borders of the Simply Poly frame are made of polystyrene plastic, but add a certain artistic weight to the poster thanks to its flatter, wider profile width.

Preview Frames with the “Design-a-Frame” Tool

If you want to experiment a little with the final look of your framed poster, Frame USA’s Design-a-Frame online tool is the perfect way to “try before you buy.” Simply enter in the size of your poster and upload the poster image, and you can see how your poster will actually look when framed in different combinations of frame styles and colors. You can even set a background wall color so that you can know ahead of time how well your framed poster will look when it is up against the background you have in mind.

Frame USA’s Design-A-Frame tool is the perfect way to preview your framed poster before you spend any money on a frame.

In-Person Custom Frames

The above options might be just fine when it comes to run-of-the-mill, mass-produced posters, but what about the ones you really treasure? For rare, vintage, and/or limited edition pieces, framing might not be best suited for your own attempts with a store-bought frame, but rather for the hands of a true professional. In which case, your best option is to reach out or visit us in person at Frame USA! Our passionate framing experts enthusiastically take on any unique custom framing job (Seriously, the more far-out the idea, the better!) and will deliver something that will surely be the center of attention for years to come.

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