Custom Made Frames Meet LED Lights

If there is one thing that we love, here at Frame USA, it is custom made frames! There is just something about that completely unique frame, created just for the specific customer. They are fun, special, and sometimes just simply awesome! And now that our Frame USA Retail Store is open again, we get to share one of these custom made frames request that had fallen in our lap.

Our customer had been working on this art piece for a very long time. She really wanted to showcase it in a non-traditional way. After being turned down by multiple frame shops in the area, she finally found her way into our retail store. She had seen a custom frame online, that had lights built into the moulding itself, and wanted to see what our designers could do for her. While in our store, the customer saw a sample shadowbox that we had on display. We painted the shadowbox a specific blue to match the subject inside. Our customer fell in love with the painted color. We gave her a rough idea of what we could do and she trusted us to go with it. That was how our custom made picture frames with LED lights were created.

How did we do it?

We started with an Unfinished Elite Shadowbox, and color matched the blue in the art piece to get the perfect painted frame. Then we had to figure out where we were going to put the LED lights in order to make sure they wouldn’t be too harsh on the artwork, but bright enough to really illuminate it. It took us a few tries to really figure out the best placement, but we ultimately found it. We built up the Pebble Blue matboard with foam and ran the LED strips behind the mat. This helped to diffuse the light and make the piece truly pop!

Custom made frames example with LED lights built in
Custom painted elite shadowbox frame, with LED lights built in

While we truly enjoy all of the custom made frames that we create, this was by far one of the most challenging and gratifying pieces that we have done! To see more display frames created by Frame USA Retail Store, please follow us on Facebook and Instagram! And if you need a custom frame, please visit us at our store in Springdale, Ohio! To welcome our customers back, we are offering 25% off custom framing with Frame USA Signature Collection!

Our new hours are 10 AM to 6 PM on Monday thru Saturday. We ask that all customers wear a facial covering while inside the store.

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    • All of our picture frames are available to purchase from our website. For something as custom as this, we recommend stopping in person to talk with our team to make sure everyone is on the same page. If you are unable to talk to our team we recommend finding a local small framing company to help you out!

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