Shadow Boxes: The Perfect Indoor Hobby

Here in 2021, it is no secret that during these days of quarantine and social distancing, many people have turned to interior decorating projects and other indoor hobbies to pass the time and maintain their mental health. If there is one type of frame that fulfills all of these needs, it is the humble shadow box. Simple yet versatile, the shadow box offers much more depth than a normal picture frame, letting you show off decorations, memorabilia, and prized keepsakes – perfect for themed displays that encapsulate your favorite things. The only limit is the imagination! Making shadow boxes is a fun project idea.

What Inspires You?

As with all creative projects, the first step in getting your shadowbox project started is to ask yourself: What inspires you? Is it nature? Family? What about sports, or art? Anything that drives you or captures your imagination can easily be made the subject of a lovely, decorative shadow box.

A simple but effective nature themed shadow box made with easy-to-find items right outside of your home (via The Magnifying Glass)
Your favorite sport, team, or player will make a great shadow box subject (via Geary Gallery)
Artful dioramas featuring classic games, movies, and pop culture imagery are always sure to turn heads (via Glitch Artwork)

Special Memories

Scientifically speaking, the human memory is far from perfect. As we grow older, our memories – even treasured ones – get fuzzier and fuzzier. What better way to preserve these memories than with a shadow box? Shadow boxes are the perfect medium for displaying your favorite mementos connected to special life events, ensuring that your memories stay fresh. Weddings, concerts, family outings, and vacations are all popular themes for shadow box projects. Get creative and make something truly personal!

Use your baby’s photos, old clothes and toys, hospital bracelet, and footprints to commemorate your child’s most special birthday (via Pinterest)
Wedding-themed arrangements are some of the most popular and beautiful uses for shadow boxes (via Pinterest)
Ticket stubs, backstage passes, and autographed photos always make for memorable arrangements (via Pinterest)

The Right Shadow Box for the Job

Once you know what the subject of your shadow box will be, it is important to find a shadow box that fits your project, both physically and aesthetically. Make sure that your shadow box is big enough and deep enough to contain everything you plan to display inside of it.

Frame USA offers a robust selection of shadow boxes in multiple sizes and colors, including the Elite Series and Showcase Series, which feature interior depths of up to 2 inches. If you are looking for a more rustic look with a country feel, the Barnwood Shadow Box Series — made from real reclaimed wood from barns and farmhouses across the United States — is a perfect choice. If you’re not sure, feel free to reach out to Frame USA for expert advice on the perfect shadow box for your project.

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  1. I received my (4) 11×14 Frames from. Frame USA, Inc. But there isn’t a place on the back to hook or hang on the wall. I don’t have anyone to go to a frame store. Because I’m a senior citizens and can’t get out myself. So I’ve might have to return the items I can’t use.

    • Hi Alice!
      Did they come with a little metal sawtooth hanger? It should be hammered in the back of the frame in order to hang it on the wall. If not let us know and we’ll get a replacement sent out to you!

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