Declutter Your Home With Picture Frames

The act of “decluttering” refers to removing or rearranging items to tidy up space. If you’re a big fan of displaying art, photography, and knick-knacks in your home, then you know how quickly things can pile up. Luckily, while frames can add to your clutter, using them in smart and creative ways can also be your clutter solution! Here’s how to declutter your home with photo frames:

If you have lots of photos in various frames scattered throughout the home, a great way to tidy up is by taking them off the tabletops and turning them into a gallery wall instead! Gallery wall displays are a great way to show off your favorite pictures all in one spot. And in doing so, you clear valuable space on your desks, tables, shelves, and even other walls. Plus, with gallery walls rising in popularity, it is a fun way to show off your interior decorating skills to friends and family.

Gallery Wall using Frame USA Frames from customer Alyssa!

Use Shadow Boxes

Shadow boxes provide a way to tastefully store and display your favorite sentimental items, knick-knacks, and heirlooms. Oftentimes, we find ourselves with a lot of random items strewn about the home, but not enough places to put them. For very personal items, sometimes we just can’t bear to remove them from our sight! If that’s the case, a shadow box might be the perfect solution, reducing clutter by taking things that would normally go on a tabletop or in a drawer and turning them into a tasteful wall display.

Shadow boxes work best when they follow a particular theme. Keep this in mind when gathering up the items you wish to clear out, and try to group the ones that you feel belong together. Sports memorabilia and concert merch, for example, make great subjects for shadow boxes. As do items representing more personal life events, such as weddings, kids’ birthdays, religious ceremonies, and memorable family vacations.

Custom Shadowbox from our Retail Store of signed Friday the 13th Movie Props

Every Home is Different

The most important thing to remember is to find what works best for you and your particular living space. After all, every home has different levels of clutter, and every person has a different idea of what amount of clutter is acceptable. But part of tidying up is deciding what things are really important to you, so even with these suggestions, much of your clutter may still end up in the attic (or even the trash!) But for the things that matter, we hope these tips will put them at the forefront of your décor where they belong.

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