16×20 Frames To Help You Ace Your New Year’s Resolutions

Bet you were wondering why we’re talking about New Year’s Resolutions three weeks into January. Statistics show that most people give up on their resolution before the end of the month. Whatever your resolution may be, we’re here to show you how our 16×20 art frames and our sister companies motivational posters are the key to getting back on track.

Why people Quit Their Resolutions

We get it, the last week of the year leading up to New Year’s Eve is historically the time to do absolutely nothing. You spend an entire week just living life without a care in the world and then all of a sudden midnight on December 31st hits, you stumble into bed after too much celebrating with loved ones. The next morning comes all too fast and you’re bombarded with targeted ads all about how you have to Do this, or Do That to reach your 2023 goals and it’s OVERWHELMING!

But the ads are convincing and you scramble along with your chosen resolution. That scramble however is just not setting you up for success! Most people lose the motivation to continue as the stress of their normal lives comes back. The solution? don’t just give up entirely, refocus your desire with a little help from outside motivation.

Motivation and 16×20 Frames

16×20 Art Frames are a middle of the road size. It’s a size that can make a big impact without fully overwhelming the space (or you). It also happens to be a size that is available in all of our frames as a standard size. This will make it incredibly easy to find a style of frame that will fit your space and inspire you. There are two ways to utilize frames for your new year’s resolutions, as motivation and as stress relief. Both equally as important and extremely personal, what may bring motivation to one person might hinder another.

Motivational images can be a quote or phrase, a image of your goal, or simply a image that sparks fire in your heart. Whatever image you choose to go with make sure that it fits in 16×20 frames. Once framed place your inspiration in a location you frequent often, whether that is in your bedroom, living room, office or Kitchen the space needs to fit YOUR life. If you’re looking for a space that is both motivational and calming, just add smaller frames with calming images around your motivational 16×20.

Stress Relief and 16×20 Frames

If motivation isn’t your problem with your resolution, but it’s the everyday life that has got you down then look no further than 16×20 Frames as the canter for your stress relief zone. Instead of framing a motivational image choose an image in your zone that brings you peace. The image needs to be something that every single time you look at it, calmness washes over you. Just like with Motivation, your stress relief zone can also be a place for motivation, simply pair the 16×20 art frames with smaller motivational sayings about peace and tranquility. Not sure where to find your images? Look no further than our sister site, Art & Canvas for all your image needs.

Whatever option helps you achieve your New Year’s Resolutions is the option you should go with and 16×20 frames from Frame USA will help you get there.

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