How To Save Money While Framing Your Work

The world is expensive. At some point within the last few years, whether you’re a business or a consumer, you’ve been effected by raised prices. This year we have been hit pretty hard with increases. Being a small business, there are some sacrifices we’ve had to make so as to not allow our customers to see as many increases as we have been given, and we will continue to do that with every future increase. We’ve been very fortunate in the continued support from our loyal customers. Picture Frames are a luxury, they’re not a necessity, and they can often times be out of budget for a lot of people. However, we’re here with tips on how to SAVE money while framing.

Material Matters!

We have a lot of products, so many products that our employees take biannual tests in order to make sure they know them, and are able to know what an order should or shouldn’t look like. When you’re looking to maximize your savings, consider purchasing an eco-friendly or poster frame instead of metal or real wood. While we love a good real wood option, they’re expensive! Eco-friendly frames, are a pressed wood material that is wrapped.

If you love the real wood look and can’t settle for eco, go for a frame that is more narrow as the wider the frame the more expensive it will be.

While “poster” is in the frame name, that doesn’t mean it has to only go around posters. Our Simply Poly and Budget Saver are perfect options for that contemporary look and feel without the price tag for your photos and art prints.

You’ll be able to save money while having a frame that rivals any expensive option.

Getting a Print to Frame?

If you’re planning on having your photos printed out and are just wanting to purchase a frame we actually recommend to skip the pre print and just use our design a frame custom frames option! Our design a frame option allows for you to upload that digital photo, choose your frame, your mat if you want , the glazing and the backing. From there you’ll receive a fully framed image and all you’ll need to do is install the hanging hardware!

This eliminates the middle man thus allowing you to save money, or upgrade to real wood options.

Choose Your Company Wisely

Don’t just go with the first company you find on google, or the one with the prettiest photos, shop around! We say this mainly because you’re not going to find another company with the number of options that we do for the price that we do. Don’t just take our word for it, look at our shopping spree we did and decide whether Frame USA is the right choice!

While the options of the frames won’t be 100% the same, we choose a typical size, color and matched it as best as we could for these values. The option we went with was an 8×10 Clean Cut White including shipping.

The below website required you to purchase all the items to build your frame separately. So while you get an upgrade of Acrylic and Foamboard since they didn’t have an option for cardboard the price is still over double, for reference if you were to use design a frame and upgrade on, you’re looking at less than the price of just their frame.

This next website is over double the price of ours!

When it comes to picture frames and tips on how to save money, the answer is clear. Shop

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