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It all started in 2010. Dan Regenold, our owner, had a vision. His vision was to fill an entire 53 foot semi-truck for a local charity. He knew that this would be his biggest charitable giving project and he would need a team to assist him. He put together a team of giving coordinators consisting of: packers, donation collectors, marketing professionals, and more, to help coordinate this massive event in under 30 days. By the end of December, Frame USA ended up needing a second truck because they over filled their semi by 7%. This resulted in 833 boxes and over 30 skids equaling more than 22,000 donations.

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The truck didn’t stop there! It was at this point that the truck became a catalyst, ultimately giving birth to what is now called “Fill The Truck”. This initiative has grown every year even through a pandemic. We are now supporting 6 different charity organizations in the Cincinnati area. Our goal remains the same, help people.

This year we have 13 corporate sponsors that are helping us achieve our goal which is to fill not one but TWO semi trailers with personal care items. These items are basic items the average person takes for granted on a daily basis. Things such as toilet paper, winter clothing, canned fruit, all of these items can have a profound impact for those who are in need.

If you are interested in donating even more consider adding a $1.00 or two at the checkout or visit our website at to donate.

By placing an order throughout this December 2022 charity month, the proceeds from your order will go directly to Fill The Truck.

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