EmpowerUAmerica.Org – September 2022 Charity of The Month

EmpowerUAmerica is an organization operating out of Cincinnati, Ohio.   EmpowerU provides free classes to the public with the purpose to educate, enjoy and engage in order to get people more empowered in their lives.  We teach out of a physical studio in Cincinnati, but all our classes are also streamed live over the internet.   Our Classes cover a vast array of topics and different speakers with diverse perspectives on various topics. EmpowerU is also an independent organization and not affiliated with any other entity or political party.

My name is Leigh Ann and I am one of the producers for EmpowerU. You might see me in the back of the classes running the sound board and the visual presentations. I have been working at EmpowerU for about a year and a half. I still remember one of the first classes in the spring of 2016, the EmpowerU class was held in the warehouse of a business Dan Regenold  founded called Frame USA. Now EmpowerU is currently being taught at a beautiful studio inside Frame USA. Our 24th semester is starting on September 15th. Check out this semester’s great classes at empoweruamerica.org!

In addition to being held within the building of Frame USA, EmpowerUAmerica.org is the September 2022 charity of the month on Frameusa.com. Proceeds from every order will go directly to the organization.

Leigh Ann Cartier

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