office decor

How To Decorate Your Office

Frame USA is comprised of a warehouse, a retail store, and office space. The office space walls are covered in framed images of everything from fine art to autographed music posters. One particular office space however an employee took it upon itself to really showcase his own personal style. Learn a little bit more about how to decorate an office…

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Top Home Decor Trends for 2019

Home Decor Trends 2019

Trends change year after year, and with 2019 just beginning that means new home decor trends! Picture frames are a big part of many homes, but decorating the rooms around them are just as important. Keep your home up to date with these top home decor styles and trends for 2019. Natural Decor Living in the 21st century means always…

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Gallery Walls Interior Design

Kids room Wall Cluster with frames from Frame USA

Sometimes you want to reinvigorate the interior design of a room that’s maybe gone stale. Maybe you still like the color scheme and the furniture but it feels like it needs a little…something. Something to give it some new life. One trend that’s hot right now in decor is gallery walls or photo frame clusters. This is a method of…

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How To Elevate Your Businesses’ space with Metal Picture Frames!

Metal Picture Frames

Metal frames are ideal for preserving and protecting your art in a sleek, modern fashion. No matter the space that you are decorating—an office, garage, restaurant, or factory wall—metal frames can add an element of quality. Haphazardly tacking things like posters, menus, safety guidelines and certificates to the wall can come off as unprofessional. When you want to enhance your…

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