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How To Elevate Your Businesses’ space with Metal Picture Frames!

Metal frames are ideal for preserving and protecting your art in a sleek, modern fashion. No matter the space that you are decorating—an office, garage, restaurant, or factory wall—metal frames can add an element of quality. Haphazardly tacking things like posters, menus, safety guidelines and certificates to the wall can come off as unprofessional. When you want to enhance your space with an elegant touch, opt for metal wall photo frames. Frame USA highlights why modern, sleek metal picture frames are the ideal choice for businesses, regardless of size.

Versatility of Metal Picture Frames

Metal picture frames are a great way to show off your business’s wall hangings. There are many benefits to choosing metal frames. For one thing, metal photo frames are versatile when it comes to styling. They have a slim profile giving them a contemporary look that fits perfectly in any office setting. Our metal wall frames are available in both a shiny or “flat” finish, giving you the option to control the amount of attention being drawn to your frame. A shinier finish will draw more eyes, while a “flat” finish complements neutral images that you want to blend into the space well. Make a shimmering statement or seamlessly blend into your gallery wall with our metal picture frames.

Light and Sturdy

Metal picture frames are easy to move around and mount on any type of wall because of their lightweight nature. They are also sturdier than other frame options such as poster or wood frames. Their lightness makes them simple to move and clean, perfect for any business that requires frequent sign changing or cleaning when things get messy. Restaurants both back of the house and front of the house can benefit from the ease of cleaning of wall frames made of metal. These frames take just a snap back of the v-clips to keep your signage fresh and up to date. If your space is prone to food particles, dust or grease, your business will benefit from ease of use of the modern metal wall frame.


Frame USA is home to several different styles of metal picture frames. Each of our styles has its own profile and color options. Our most popular metal frame styles are two series we’ve had since our beginning: Metal I and Metal II series. These series’ have a 3/8 inch width with a rounded face and comes in their own unique colors and finishes. Our Metal I frame has a shiny finish in standard metallic colors of Shiny Black, Gold and Silver. Metal II differs with “flat” matte finishes and comes in the colors Flat Black, Contrast Gold, Contrast Silver as well as a shiny bronze!

Metal Shiny Bronze Frame

For a frame without a rounded face, our Glory Metal frame is the perfect choice. It has a 5/8 inch profile with a flat face and comes in: Black, Bronze, Steel Grey, Black, Gold and silver. These flat profile metal frames are perfect to hold menus and specials or even posters in a theater lobby!

When shopping our metal picture frames, expect them to arrive pre-assembled with glazing, backing, and hanging hardware, unless you’re buying just the shell.

A DIY Metal Option

If you already have glazing or want to use specific backing, we have DIY picture frame kits that are perfect. Available in two different widths our U-Frame Kit I and U-Frame Kit II come unassembled. Both kits feature the rounded edge of Metal I and Metal II but with assembly-friendly channels. U-Frame Kit I has a 3/8 inch usable space for your pieces. Where as U-Frame Kit II comes with a 1/2 inch usable space for your thicker options! You simply purchase both sizes of your image to complete your frame. If you are looking to frame larger items, these kits go from 8 inches to 50 inches. Frame your 11×17 menus with these kits. Simply by purchasing an 11 inch kit and a 17 inch kit of your desired color.

Metal U-Frame Kit Frame

So when you’re thinking about dressing up your business and you’re wondering what kind of frames you want to use, consider metal wall photo frames. They’re a solid solution that rocks!

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