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While we may not seem like it, Frame USA, inc is in fact a small business. We have roughly 70 employees but manage to really rock those large projects for our customers. We honestly would not be where we are this season without support, which is why it’s important to buy from small businesses. It’s for this reason that every year leading up to Small Business Saturday we give back to other small businesses. These small businesses just happen to be our customers but we think the work they do is pretty fantastic.

This holiday season consider shopping with one of these amazing artists! A Decorate It Frame was provided to the Artists. We are amazed by the creativity they expressed in and on the frame!

Scott Clendaniel

Scott Clendaniel owns the art business Real Art is Better with this Wife.

He specializes in whimsical oil paintings with an emphasis on color and texture.

Delilah Young

Delilah Young is a retired art teacher with a Master’s in Studio Art. She now runs Delilah Young Art Studio.

Piedmont Graphics

Christopher Robinson runs the Creative department at Piedmont Graphics.

Piedmont Graphics is a locally owned and operated commercial printer in Marietta Georgia. They have been in business for over 35 years.


Barbara Soll is the owner and creator of Ribbonmade.

Ribbonmade has frames for birthdays, baptisms, weddings you name it.

All are personalized to what the customer wants, colors, wording, and ribbon color choice.

Mahjongg Annon

Meryl Harwood is the owner and creator of all things Mahjongg

If you know someone who is a little bit too obsessed with this tile-based game this site is for you!

Everything related to gameplay and dedication to the game can be purchased


CarArtWork creates custom-designed automotive art and accessories. They are licensed with General Motors, Ford Motor Company, and Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

CarArtWork can also create a custom piece featuring any design or logo!

Glenn Grubard Designs

Glenn Grubard is the artist behind Glenn Grubard Designs.

His paper-cut creations are digitally designed on an archival museum board; precision cut and hand-painted with eco-friendly acrylic paint.

His many designs add inspirational words or sayings to encourage and motivate those who receive his artwork.

Pertain Buckland

Pertain Gillespie Buckland is the owner and artist behind Pertain Buckland Art.

With her husband, they also own and operate BucklandGillespie.

Her Decorate It Frame was inspired by her cousin who is currently undergoing Cancer Treatment.

Her cousin’s favorite place in Gatlinburg is The Great Smoky Mountains, National Park.

The frame was hand-rubbed with a walnut stain

Pertain then sketched using charcoal pencils a composite using her cousin’s own photos as a reference.

Zoopsia Art

Patricia Bingham is a self-taught artist behind the brand Zoopsia Art.

Patricia works in watercolors, collage, and photography

Throughout her work, you will find metaphor and symbolism, implied stories, and a touch of strangeness

She sells prints, cards, and calendars locally as well as on her website!

Between The Weeds

Laurie Rohner is the Artist behind Between The Weeds.

Laurie Rohner is a watercolor artist from Brandon, VT. She is inspired by garden flowers, wildflowers, and nature. She uses landscapes from around her studio

Laurie mainly works with watercolor, acrylic, and oil paint on canvas. She mainly utilizes her craft on furniture and home furnishings that she herself builds.

Gobind Boyes

Gobind Boyes is the artist behind Gobind Boyes Fine Art

Gobind is a contemporary painter with a specialty in realist/impressionism. She is inspired by old-world masters such as Vermeer for the luminous layering of colors and classical realist American Painters.

After the birth of her son, she sold her watercolors and prints at local stores.

It is her passion to bring forth the inner glow, energy, and movement of her subjects to the canvas using layers of color and brush strokes.

nextframe, LLC

nextframe, llc is a framing company that specializes in designing wedding frames.

These frames feature changeable photographs, custom backgrounds, and digital integrations.

They offer a variety of styles and sizes!

For personalized requests, you can email him at [email protected]

Fat Daddy Lines & Designs

Mark Hagstrom is the owner and artist behind the brand Fat Daddy Lines.

He practices the lost art of hand-painted pinstriping and gold leaf gilding.

He specializes in wall art and cars, motorcycles but will gladly pinstripe anything that can sit still long enough!

Up Front Art Space

Kay Phelps is the owner/Framer and restorer from Up Front Art Space.

Up Front Art Space specializes in custom or unconventional framing, art & photo restoration, and frame restoration.

With new art every month and unique gifts they’re so much more than an art gallery!

Soon you will be able to get art supplies needed right next door at their new art supply store!

Lamplight Collective

Kristen Vanderbilt is the owner and artist behind the brand Lamplight Collective.

Kristen’s primary artistic focus is on digital painting and design. She felt called to design uplifting artwork that would bring joy and encouragement to others.

Lamplight Collective believes that everyone is called to shine light into Darkness through art and truth. By brightening another’s path, we intensify the light on our own.

Samurai Rusk

Sam Rusk is the owner and artist behind Samurai Rusk.

Sam is a tattooer and illustrator that makes tattoo-style flash designs and comic books.

Rebecca Watkins

Rebecca is the artist behind the brand Art by Rebecca Watkins.

She is inspired by the bright and bold colors of Latin American artists and artisans. This inspiration can be seen throughout her work.

She is best known for her fun-loving pet portraits and colorful agricultural painting series

She works alongside two other North Carolina artists to run the Tar River Arts Collaborative.

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