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Preserving your Artwork in Wood Frames Will Increase its Value

We understand that, as an artist, each piece you create holds a special place in your heart. Your work deserves a frame which protects, preserves and compliments it, without breaking the bank. Classic wood frames can elevate your work at an affordable price. To keep your work in prime condition, it’s important to understand how to choose the frame for your art and what methods are helpful in preserving the longevity of your pieces. This understanding will help you to get the most out of it, whether you plan to sell it or simply want to keep your own work in optimal condition.

Acid Free Framing Materials

The use of acid free materials is crucial to the longevity of your artwork. This pertains to the materials used on the front and back of the work. If you do not use acid free materials, you put your work at risk for deteriorating or looking worn inside the wooden picture frames. Not all products described as “acid-free” are ideal for protecting your work. The best mats to use are those that are made from 100% cotton rag. People have known this solution to last for centuries without deteriorating. This is true for the mat as well as the backing board. While the backing board might not significantly contribute to the appeal of the finished product, its weight can burden the frame and jeopardize the safety of your artwork.

Look for ‘Archival Quality’ Standard

“Archival quality” refers to safeguarding artwork with materials and methods that control environmental threats like temperature, humidity, light, and dust to promote longevity. This term was coined by generations of curators, historians, and librarians that frequently handle and preserve valuable art. Any product labeled as ‘archival quality’ will not prematurely harm your work of art. These products avoid chemical reactions taking place with your work, allowing them to remain beautiful for years to follow.

Picture frames
Our wood picture frames come with flex points that make it super easy to replace your framing materials. Our metal frames use V-Clips which are also incredibly easy to remove!

Non Permanent Wood Frames & Mats

Effective archival products must meet specific conditions that promote the protection and preservation of your work. This entails storing it in a room with controlled temperature and light, as well as handling it with care. Products should also be completely reversible. This implies that your display isn’t permanent, allowing for the removal and replacement of wood frames and mats over time. Giving this special care ensures the product stands the test of time and allows for future reversal or refreshment if needed.

Use Museum Quality Mat board

When choosing a mat board for your artwork, consider the longevity that you desire for your work. If you plan to admire the piece for years to come, your art would be best homed in museum-quality mat board. This style of matting is non-acidic, lignin free, and archival quality. It checks all the boxes! Like other preservation methods, using inappropriate matting risks discoloration and acid burn to your work.

Give Your Art Enough Space in Wood Frames

Your art needs room to breathe. Keeping plenty of space between your art and the glass of the frame can help to prevent it from sticking or causing damage. Glass that is too close or touching your work can allow moisture, dirt, and other particles to build up on your art.

Wooden frames from Frame USA are only one step in the long journey of conserving your precious artwork for years to come. Start by following these steps, and for more information about how to preserve artwork by choosing the right wood frames, contact Frame USA to see how you can transform your art into pieces of elegance and beauty.

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  1. I have oil paintings with nice frames like to protect both
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