5 Best Frames For Street Art

Editor’s Note: When it comes to frame recommendations for art, there is only one choice, our customer service team. I took to the one person who I know understood both our frames and art. Joshua Clark has a degree in Graphic Design and Industrial Design with a minor in Marketing. He is currently in Graduate School for Art Therapy, so he knows what he's talking about! The recommendations here for your frames will take your Street Art Pieces and turn them into pieces you might find on the walls of Modern Art Museums. 

Affordable Medium Picture Frames

Yu by Loui Jover from ArtandCanvas.com framed
with Affordable Medium Black

The picture frames for street art that I have chosen are the Affordable Picture Frame Series (medium black) with the print/poster titled “Yu”. This series is a simple yet modern series that easily goes well within any environment. Whether it’s a professional setting, or simply just being displayed in your room, this series works perfectly for anything you are looking to frame.

Glory Metal Picture Frames

The Wall Pink Floyd Music Poster from ArtandCanvas.com
framed with Glory Metal Black

Next, I’d choose the Glory Metal Picture Frame Series (black) with the print/poster titled “The Wall”. In this frame series, I’d consider working for any type of environment/setting like the affordable but with a sleeker look and finish. Being the only flat-profiled metal series we offer, I’d make this one of my top choices. It’s a simple, modern, and overall multifaceted series that works well with whatever you are looking to display.

Decorate It Picture Frames

Woodstock Tye Dye Music Poster from ArtandCanvas.com
framed with Decorate It 1.5 Inch.

My next choice would be the Decorate It Series (1.5”) with the print/poster titled “Woodstock Tye Dye”. This frame series unlike all of our others really gives anyone the opportunity to explore their creative side. Obviously aside from the name itself, this series can be displayed in a range of ways. You can either leave the frame as is or take the time to “decorate” this frame to match whatever you want to creatively display.

Colori Picture Frames

Hunter Driving by Ralph Steadman from ArtandCanvas.com
framed with Colori Medium Red.

The next choice would be the Colori Picture Frame Series (red) with the print/poster titled “Hunter Diving by Ralph Steadman” This frame series is the only series that offers a range of vibrant colors that almost match anything you’d like to display. It has a modern flat profiled display and honestly works well mainly in a non-professional more so personal environment.

Simply Poly Poster Frame

The Beatles SGT Pepper Music Poster from ArtandCanvas.com
framed with Simply Poly Black.

Lastly, I’d choose the Simply Poly Series (black) with the print/poster titled “The Beatles SGT Pepper”. This series is a more so modern flat profiled series that works well in a professional setting. This series also is used and displayed with artwork, posters, and certificates. There are limited color options of black, white, and silver. 

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