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Picture Frame Types: Defined

It’s relatively easy for someone in the Art world as well as an employee of a framing company to sit down and choose between all the options of picture frames that are available. However, what about the average joe? How do you decide between, Wood Frames, Metal Frames, Poster Frames? It’s simple really, you get help from an expert! Here are the specific picture frame types, defined.

Wood Frames

When it comes to picture frame types, the most common, is definitely wood frames. Wood picture frames come in a variety of widths. Frame USA offers wood frame picture frame types as narrow as 3/4 inch and as wide as 3 5/8 inches. There is one exception to the measurements, our Canvas Floater Frames actually only have a 1/2 inch visible frame making them the narrowest frame in our catalog but are only able to be used when framing stretched canvases.

Wood type frames are available as real wood or eco-friendly wood composite. They are good for your traditional artwork, and as mentioned previously, stretched canvases. Wood frames also are the biggest category in our catalog, they come in a variety of styles to match any and all possible decor styles. The most common style tends to be a flat profile, around 1 1/4 inch wide. Engraving is available on around 90-95% of our wood frames. The versatility of this style will continue to make it the most popular in the framing world.

Metal Picture Frame Types

As modern decor with clean lines rises in popularity, Metal Picture Frames are quickly becoming a top contender in our catalog. More and more people are wanting to add industrial elements throughout their homes and rather than swap out light fixtures or purchase expensive furniture, they are turning to frames! We don’t have too many specific widths in our metal line but they do have elements that set them apart from each other.

If you’re looking for a frame to engrave but don’t want a wood picture frame then you are looking for Glory Metal. This flat profile measures 5/8 inches wide and is available in the standard metallic colors of Black, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. In addition to those standard colors, it is also available in a steel grey that is not quite black but also not quite as light as silver and serves as the perfect middle shade. If engraving isn’t what you are after but rather the width, Heavy Metal is the same width as Glory only with a curved profile and is available in Black, Gold, and Silver.

If you’re after a metal frame with a wide number of color choices, then Metal I and Metal II are your choices. Similar moldings the main difference between the two is that Metal II features more neutral color choices compared to Metal I.

Do It Yourself: Metal Frame Edition

The final selection of Metal frames that Frame USA offers are our U-Frame Kits. Available in similar shades as our Metal I and Metal II line, these kits offer you a DIY project. Select a size for each side of your image and it will come with all the hardware needed to create your very own custom frame. The main difference between U-Frame Kit I and II is that II features a deeper channel for inserting so it will stick out more from the wall.

Poster Frames

Let me let you in on a little industry secret: You don’t have to frame your posters only with Poster Frames. If you prefer one of our wood or metal frames for your poster, TREAT YO SELF. They are categorized as poster frames because they typically are used with posters. Individuals looking to elevate their posters or prints in an affordable way for their new apartment or dorm. All of our poster frames are constructed from plastic. The OG poster frames: Corrugated, Hardboard, and Foamcore are made with mylar. Their more sophisticated cousins: Simply Poly, Budget Saver, and Deluxe are all made from polystyrene.

If you’re looking to turn your apartment, children’s dorm, or bedroom into something a little more decorated the mylar poster frames will provide you this for a very inexpensive amount. The only difference between the three is the backing they come with. Hardboard is the most durable, followed by foamcore and cardboard.

Newly on your own or not quite ready to make a commitment to wood or metal frames. Frame USA Simply Poly frames will give you the look of a composite wrapped wood frame without the cost or the weight. You’ll only be able to tell by touching it that it isn’t a flat “traditional frame”. If you’re wanting to mimic a metal frame without the weight or cost check out our Deluxe series. This rounded poly frame is available in Black, Gold, and Silver. Finally, if you’re wanting to add a little bit of flair to your prints for less, budget saver features a beveled edge molding!

The Only Choice: Frame USA

Whatever you are framing we hope that the different types of picture frames that you’re considering are none other than our 100% Made in America, Small Business constructed, picture frames. Stay tuned for the next types we’re comparing on the blog will be Shadowboxes and Specialty frames, including certificate frames!

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