Wholesale Poster Frames

business picture frames

What makes our poster frames so special? Why not just pick up some from your local superstore? Well, when it’s quality you’re looking for with value to match, you won’t want anything other than Frame USA’s line of wholesale poster frames! Wholesale poster frames from Frame USA come assembled directly from the manufacturer. As with all of our other products, we don’t sacrifice quality for…

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Nature Photographers – Krohn Conservatory Butterfly Show Running Until June 30, 2013

Butterflies of Moocco

For those looking to get some great shots of butterflies, I can’t think of a better place or time. Now through June 30, 2013, the Krohn Conservatory in Cincinnati Ohio’s Eden Park is holding it’s annual butterfly show. The sound of water flowing, bursts of colorful flowers, and alluring musical rhythms will accompany you as you stroll along the centuries old passages with their marketplaces…

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Wholesale Picture Frame Quotes

business picture frames

Here at Frame USA we pride ourselves on creating “Raving Fans” out of every one of our customers–no matter how big or small. This starts on the front end with our sales/customer service and continues all the way through until you receive your orders. One of the ways that we try to create more “raving fans” from a sales perspective is to provide all of…

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Charity of the Month May 2013

Maple Knoll Assisted Living

For the May 2013 charity month, Frame USA is sponsoring two AMAZING organizations who are helping out locally and nationally. “Shady Pines, Ma!”  Dorothy, played by the late, great Bea Arthur, would say this to her mother, Sophia (Estelle Getty), to get her to stop talking or straighten up her behavior in the classic TV show “The Golden Girls.”  This was used as a threat…

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Custom Picture Frames – Do It Yourself Picture Frames

Custom picture framing is easy with us–and is especially useful for those who love Do-it-Yourself craft projects! However, we did make some changes when moving to our new website. Check out the video below to learn how to quickly and efficiently order your custom picture frame sizes. Doing big projects yourself can save you and your family hundreds of dollars — particularly when it comes…

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Custom Art Framing: Guest Blogger

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So your standard print size is 16×20, and you have lots of large format, medium format, and high-quality digital photos that you would like to see hanging on your own walls, and those of your family and friends. For professional and archival results, you could use fine art paper, museum rag, Nielsen frames, and acrylic glazing, but the materials for each one of these masterpieces…

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NEW Wedding and Event Frames

Large Picture Frames

We’ve had requests for a product like this, and with the great success its had in our retail store, we decided to add a new ready-made product that’s sure to be a hit! The picture frame is very large, as is the inside mat which is used to collect signatures. The best part is, the kit comes complete! Like a guest-book that you can proudly…

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Yes We Have Large Picture Frames

Are you looking for a large picture frame for a poster or larger signage? Perhaps you have a traveling display with promotional materials that you need to display and protect. Maybe you have a restaurant that decorates with panoramic cityscapes and you need a solution to frame these larger than average artworks. Well you’ve landed in the right place. Take a look at these big photo frames! At…

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Free Picture Frames?

Picture Frames

That’s right! Well, conditionally of course. We can’t just GIVE away our frames… But we are holding an art blogging contest on our Facebook page for artists, interior decorators and designers of all kinds. This is a chance to not only receive FREE Frame USA gift cards of at least $25, but to also gain additional exposure as an artist The contest rules are as…

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