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The Best Shadow Box Frames Made in the United States!

If you are looking to put your collectables into Shadow Box Frames, then Frame USA is the right choice for you. We offer three different Shadow Box options that are all guaranteed to enhance your prized possessions. All of our shadow box picture frames are made exclusively in the United States in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Shadow Boxes

Elite Shadow Box Series
Elite Shadow Box Series

The Elite Shadow Box Series is perfect for keepsakes, medals and smaller items. It specifically works well for tickets, programs and in many cases albums or cds. The Elite line comes in 4 colors: Black, Honey, Cherry and Unfinished. The depth of the moulding opening is 15/16” high, so make sure the item you are framing does not have a lot of depth to it. The elite series comes complete with a hanging packet to make sure the product hangs nicely on the wall. If you have a shadow box project that has an important budget to meet, try our Elite Series for quality and affordability.


Shadowbox Showcase Series
Shadowbox Showcase Series

The Shadowbox Showcase Series is our favorite choice for Shadow Box Frames and an extremely great value! The frame comes in Black, Honey, Cherry and White and offers a depth 2 1/8.” Making these deep shadow boxes perfect for framing jerseys, uniforms or anything else with depth to it. The most popular size is our 24×36 Shadow Box because it is priced extremely competitively and comes with a black foam core backing. The backing allows you to glue, or stitch your item directly to the foamcore which will save you time and steps in completing your project. The Showcase Series is a very impressive frame. Sizes 11×14 and smaller come with glass and larger sizes come with Acrylic.

Boxer Shadowbox Series
Boxer Shadowbox Series

Our Boxer Shadowbox Series rounds out our line of American Made Shadow boxes. The finish on the Boxer is premium and highly consistent. It is a “wrapped” finish as opposed to the real wood finishes on the Elite and the Showcase Series. The beauty of these deep shadow boxes is that they can be built on top of each other to come up with virtually any size depth. The other nice advantage of the Boxer is that you can specify white foamcore or black foamcore as a backing. The black and mahogany finishes in the boxer series will compete against the best shadow boxes you will find anywhere in the United States. Just contact our sales department at [email protected] if you have a special project that needs quoting.
Looking for Bulk or Volume Ordering?
So as you can, Frame USA is your one stop shop for all of your Shadow Box and framing needs. If you have a large project that needs kick starting, let us help you by putting together a custom quote for you. You can access our volume quote form here, so stay tuned for our upcoming article that will provide more details on our custom and volume quotes and what other products Frame USA has to offer to you!

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Frame USA
Frame USA

Offering picture frames, posters, art and more for over 30 years! has a great selection, low prices, fast delivery and friendly staff.

At Frame USA, we champion our craft. We make all of our art, frames, and more inside our warehouse. All wood frames produced from Frame USA are 100% made in America! We take great pride with that because not only are we able to produce everything in house, we are still able to offer highly competitive prices.

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  1. I’m looking to frame my wife’s wedding dress. Do you guys have anything that size? If so, what kinda price am I looking at? Thanks

    • Thanks for asking, Chris! Our specialty framing department had some great feedback on framing wedding dresses, so hopefully it will answer your questions.

      To determine the size of frame you would need for a wedding dress, you’d have to find out quite a few variables. The important questions are, how much of the dress do you want shown? Do you want the full dress displayed, or can it be folded? It also depends on the length of the train, whether or not it is vintage, etc.

      They also recommended that because a wedding dress is such a specialty item, it may be wise to have it done professionally. However, if you have the know-how, you’ll want to do some measurements to determine the full length and width of the dress, particularly in terms of how it will be framed. (For instance, will the arms be more extended?)

      Once you know these details, you can order a custom-sized shadow box frame on our website, or check the price on that page. You can also email [email protected] and they’ll get you an estimate. Thanks for visiting our blog, and let us know if you have any more questions!

  2. i need a 25 in x 25 in. –5 in. Deep for an antique pillow. Do you have anything that size and how much is it if you do.

    Thank you,

    • Hello Susan! That unfortunately that is a custom size and we do not have shadowboxes available for custom ordering. The closest we have to that size would be a 24×36. Hope this helps!

  3. I have a customer that is looking to mount his Rifle and a couple guns in a Shadow Box Case.
    He wants red velour on the back and brackets to hold the rifle and the guns.
    Wants box to be 5 foot wide by 3 foot tall and 6 inches deep. Walnut wood with Glass cover case on piston shocks.


    • That sounds like a pretty awesome shadow box! However that is a custom size shadow box he may be better going to a local frame shop to have that built for him as all of our shadowboxes come with plexiglass and the closest we have to walnut is either our burgundy shadowbox boxers or our Elite Honey.

    • Mark,
      Unfortunately we do not have the capability to create any odd shaped frames, only your typical rectangle/square frames! I hope you can find what you’re looking for. Another option you can always do is get one of our shadowboxes and have a mat laser engraved in the shape of Georgia! Call our customer service team if you would like to know more information about our laser engraving option. They can be reached Monday- Friday 9 am EST at 1-800-577-5920

  4. I am looking to do a display for our company. Do you by chance do any custom design to the glass? Like if I wanted out company logo etched or somehow printed on the glass, could that be done by your company?

    • Hi Rachel,
      On our website we give the option to engrave onto mats and frames themselves This would be the best option for your company! If you would like to get more information on a specific design please email [email protected] a customer service representative will get back to you with pricing, as well as more details about what can and cannot be done!

  5. I am in need of a shadowbox frame approximately 10in. by 23 in. by 1 in. deep. Do you do custom sizes?

    • Vicki,
      We can do custom shadowbox frames but not on the website. Just give us a call at 1-800-577-5920 and one of our customer service reps will get your order placed!

  6. I want to use a shadow box frame for an Asian paper hand fan. It is 26″ wide and 12″ tall so I assume the frame should be about 2 inches more.

    Black frame would work. Thanks.

    • Hello Lynn,
      The largest shadowbox that we do is 27″x41″ so that would be too small for your paper fan. If you were meaning that it is 26″ x 12″ that is a custom size and we do offer custom shadowbox frames but you must call our customers service team at 1-800-577-5920 and place your order with one of our reps

  7. I am looking for a nice size shadow box that I am putting together for my only son that passes away. I bought one from hobby lobby and it’s 16 X 20, but it’s not quite big enough. Do you have any recommendations or advice as to how I go about this. Thank you so much!

    • Sorry to hear about the loss of your son. You may want to bump up to an 18×24 or even a 20×24 sized frame. We have those as standard sizes
      here. If that’s bigger than your piece you can always mat it to fill in the extra space. It’s always better to go a little bigger
      than you need if your size isn’t standard. However we also do custom sizes so you could also do your exact size with us on

  8. I need a simple, no frills shadow box 17x17x2 (or close 1/2″ either way) using the least expensive wood. Will you give me an estimate?

  9. Needing a shadow box to display autographed baseballs. Preferably with UV protection glass. Can you do this?
    36″ length
    8″ deep
    8″ tall

  10. Greetings!
    I’d like to have a deep frame – about 3 inches at about 14×17 inches. I much prefer real glass, though, to any kind of plexi.

  11. Hello,
    I’m looking to frame a piece of monogrammed wood. The dimensions of the piece are 23″x23″x1″. Do you have anything that this would fit inside? Looking for something like a shadow box that would be large enough to fit this along with some loose 4×6 pictures.

    Thank you!


  12. I’m in need of a 16×20 black interior and exterior shadow box that’s about 3 inches deep. I’m needing 2 and I have been having a hard time finding a decent one. Do yall have any?

    • Hi Roseanne, at this time we do not offer triangle shadowboxes. It is something we are working to bring out in the future, however.

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