New Frame Alert: Barnwood Line Gets a New Member!

As times seem to be ever-changing, so is our demand for Barnwood frames. From our Standard Barnwood, Signature, and Appalachian, the requests for more colors and finishes were at an all-time high going into the end of 2020.

Barnwood Frames

Our most recent frame the Barnwood Architect has quickly become one of our top selling products. Therefore, it’s only natural we continue our Barnwood Line with our next newest series.

A popular frame, Our Appalachian Barnwood comes in 4 distinct colors with a finished texture that is unique. Stained and finished, Our Appalachian is one of the nicest frames we offer that comes in Grey, White, Black, and Brown. At almost 2” wide, our Appalachian is great for covering wall spaces and achieving the modern farmhouse barn look that’s the rave in many American homes.

Appalachian Barnwood Picture Frames
Appalachian Barnwood Picture Frames

Appalachian gives all the appeal of our original barnwood series with a profile that brings less flaws and imperfections. If you are a fan of this series then you won’t want to miss the brand new family to our Barnwood Frame line: Appalachian Narrow.

Appalachian Narrow — The Newest Barnwod Frame

To keep up with the requests and modern farmhouse ideas, we’ve taken the original 2″ wide Appalachian frame and removed the outer part. As a result, Appalachian Narrow measures in at 1.5″ wide. These new sets of frames are offered in every standard and custom size that we offer.

Appalachian Barnwood Narrow Grey

The Appalachian Narrow series is great for anyone looking to achieve that farmhouse decor style in a simpler more modern profile. Our sales reps and customer service team can answer all of your questions about these new sets of frames, and we would be happy to help with your first order of Appalachian Narrow frames!

Appalachian Narrow Line:
Appalachian Narrow Grey
Appalachian Narrow Rustic Brown
Rustic Brown
Appalachian Narrow Rustic Black
Rustic Black
Appalachian Narrow Whitewash

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