Frame Collage meets Mobile Photography in new Kickstarter Campaign

picture frame collage

A frame collage (Or “Gallery Wall”) is a HUGE recent trend in interior design. A recent Kickstarter campaign shows that, in framing, sometimes less is more. We’ve talked a lot about frame collages in the past, and the great statement they can make when assembled in a tasteful manner. We’ve seen many of our customers take great advantage of this…

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National Photography Month – May 2014

National Photography Month

Join us in celebrating National Photography Month, the PMA’s initiative to spark creativity in photography With the winter season (hopefully) behind us, it’s time to look forward to sunshine. We’ll all be outside dusting off our cameras and shooting anything shiny or colorful. It’s a good season for some friendly competition and encouragement! What better way to start it out…

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To Frame, or Not to Frame?

custom picture frames

Framing art can become a burden for both client and artist alike. Here are some ways you can save money AND your artist/client relationships. Framing artwork can be a frustrating task for those trying to make a living on their art. Sometimes, even the responsibilities of framing are unclear. Do you leave framing up to the client, or take care…

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Hanging Picture Frames

Interior Design Advice on Hanging Picture Frames Thanks to our friends at the PPFA for retweeting and designer Fred Gonsowski, we found a great guide to hanging picture frames! Not only were there plenty of written instructions, but illustrations to help explain the best practices. The first step in the process is to find the natural lines in your environment.…

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The Art of Framing

custom picture frames

Artistic framing is precise framing, guiding the customer with their ideas to make the total composition fit their exact needs. In many cases, the design of a picture frame (as well as the mat pairings, v-grooves, bevels etc.) make as much of an artistic statement as the artwork itself. Framers use design principles such as color theory, geometric correctness, depth…

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Wholesale Framing and a DIY Attitude will save you Hundreds!

As a wholesale picture frame manufacturer, we take special care to offer the cheapest options for all of our customers. A quick price comparison will show you that you’ll save hundreds of dollars by sourcing your materials from websites like, or and even more if you’re assembling the frames with the matting and art yourself. (We also offer a…

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Personalized Picture Frame Options

Create and preserve memories with Frame USA’s Personalization options So, we all know that personalization is a huge factor when it comes to finding the perfect gift. Maybe you’re looking for a new piece of jewelry for your significant other, or looking to get something special engraved for your parents. Personalizing these items will provide a constant reminder of why…

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Laser Engraving – What to Look for in an Engraver

personalized picture frames

Laser engraved products are absolutely storming the market, anywhere from engraved jewlery to engraved hunting rifles. A big draw to this is personalization; being able to modify a product so that it reflects something with meaning to the consumer. It goes without saying, then, that laser engraving is something that must be done with the utmost care and skill to…

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