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In honor of National Business Women’s Week, we asked our customers to nominate their favorite Business Women. Here are the nominations. When you’re starting your holiday shopping this year consider checking out some of these! These Business Women come from big and small companies and deserve the nominations!

Zara Stasi, Good For The Bees

Good for the Bees is a creative studio in New York City. They are using art to help people thrive and she does this through visual capture, murals, paintings, and illustrations. Prior to founding this company, Zara Stasi worked for Deloitte Greenhouse for a number of years.

Since starting Good for the Bees, she has worked with a number of high profile clients, including but not limited to:

  • Deloitte
  • Columbia University
  • Cartier
  • Anthropology
  • 92nd Street YMCA
  • KMPG
  • International Monetary Fund

Zara Stasi was recently selected as a Madewell Hometown Hero and had her prints sold on their website. She also uses art as a tool to bring people together so when she was selected to paint a mural for the NYC Department of Transportation to brighten up a bike path in Brooklyn she engaged friends and family to bring it to life.

From murals to live capture to beautiful prints, Zara’s art both inspires and helps to create meaningful connections.

You can learn more about her company via her website and Instagram handle:

On a personal note, I can attest to the way in which her art brightens up my home, and it was actually while I was searching for a frame for the first-ever piece of art I bought from her that I came across Frame USA. Since then, I have added a number of her works to my collection, all framed with Frame USA, and have gifted pieces as well on special occasions.

Words from Zara’s Nominator, Genevieve.

Staci Egan, Smith and Front, Contempo Jewelry

Staci has owned 3 brick and mortar shops, been part of a studio collective, has sold her work on multiple different online platforms, and has regularly taught classes and hosted events. She is a master of social media and is always on top of new trends.

To learn a little bit more about Stacy check out her Instagram and website:

Sherry Ortiz, Jared Jewelry

Robert Ortiz nominated “The hardest working business woman in the world”, His Wife!

I am married to the hardest working business woman in the world. Her name is Sherry Ortiz. She is the store manager of a Jared Jewelry location at Newington NH. She works countless hours, has a staff of 15, and her clients love the fantastic customer service that she gives based on all the good reviews she gets. At the same time, she manages to juggle being a parent of 2, cook and clean our home, and keep her house bound husband happy.

Robert Ortiz

Kelly Petrillo

Kelly Petrillo was also nominated by her husband. Bob Petrillo, Kelly is an artist with many mediums. She is extremely created and very talented at what she does. She currently owns and operates Kelly’s Kreations. Where she uses Frame USA’s picture frame to elevate her beadwork.

In addition to bead, she is an avid crocheter making homemade blankets and scarfs.

To check out more of Kelly’s work check out:

We love to support all sorts of Business Women big and small, Have a nomination that you’d like to make? comment or send us an email at [email protected]

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