Shadow Box Frames – A Nice Way to Display Valuable Objects

A shadow box frame is an enclosed, glass front picture frame that can hold and display items that have value or particular meaning for an individual. These shadow box frames are deeper than our standard picture frames and are really taking off right now.

Shadow Box Picture Frame

Our Shadowbox Showcase Frames are inexpensive shadow boxes which are available in 4 colors and many standard sizes. These shadow box displays have easy opening tabs which allow you to open the frame from the back. All you need to do to have your shadow box frame ready for display is mount the items inside, replace the back, and hang.

Our other shadow box series is the Shadow Box Elite. This series is a beautiful and affordable way to put your treasured heirlooms and collectibles on display. The Shadow Box Elite is available in 4 colors (white, black, cherry and honey) and has a depth of 15/16″.


Whether you’re looking to keep certificates and awards safe or simply display precious mementos, our American made shadow box frames will keep you satisfied and have your guests in awe.

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  1. Gorgeous! Love them all! Those tory burch loafers are SOOOO good!Did you find it suilrrsingpy hard to design outfits around a piece of jewelry? It took me FOREVER just to do one!

  2. My wife and I have received a lot of very valuable, very interesting gifts over the years because we are our parents only children. For example, my parents gave us a baseball signed by Babe Ruth and my wife’s parents gave us a ticket from one of the games played in the Yankee Stadium years ago. I did not know that shadow boxes existed until today but like you mentioned, they are deeper than a standard picture frame which makes them the perfect display for 3D objects. We are going to have to get one for all of our mementos.

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