Packing Reliability: Frame USA’s Packing Process

When it comes to the picture frame process, we try to put focus on two key areas. Production of the picture frames and the Packing of them. It doesn’t matter how high quality our picture frames are if our packing process is lacking. The packing ensures that our customer’s orders arrive with the same level of quality as when they left our production line.

The Process

It is for that reason that we have made a critical function to our 2022 plan to ensure that we have set guidelines for our packing process. Our Operations Manager, Aaron, created a manual to outline the process.

Customer feedback helps us continuously improve the packing process. The entire packing department reviews incidents every week. This ensures problem(s) have been identified and a solution is put in place.

While creating solutions to fix known problems the ideal situation is to prevent the problems from happening in the first place. Every day, the packing supervisor will inspect 5 random packages. This check will ensure the manual is followed.

We recently purchased a brand new shrink wrap machine to replace one that was consistently breaking down and causing problems in the packing department. Aaron as well as the area supervisor is planning to create a training schedule for this new machine. This will ensure that we continually get consistent shrink wrap on our products. This gives our products a better chance at arriving in one piece! The training schedule will include both packing employees as well as employees who work in the shipping department. This will allow for backups and additional hands to help us maintain our shipping timelines.

The entire team at Frame USA looks forward to receiving even more feedback in order to continue to be your number one choice for American made Picture Frames in the future.

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