Our New Site and Our Charity of the Month Program

Frame USA's New SiteFrameusa.com has gone through some changes lately, and they are all for the better! Our new website is now live.

Hopefully, you have had the opportunity to shop on our site!  What is really incredible is the new feature for our monthly charity.  With the new site, we are still holding true to our pledge to donate $1 for every order received from Frameusa.com.  On the previous version of our website, if you wanted to make a donation to the charity, you had to click a button that would take you to another page. Once there, you made a decision whether or not to donate, then you would navigate back to the check out page and continue with your order.  However, on the improved website, we are making this step much easier by adding options that hopefully will increase the amount of donations made by our customers, so they match, or preferably exceed, the donation made by the company. We plan to have a spot on the shipping page where the customer can make one of three choices:

•     Yes, I would like to make a donation, please round up my order to the nearest dollar.

•     Yes, I would like to make a donation, please add (specified amount) to my order.

•     No, thank you, I do not wish to make a donation at this time.

This way each customer will acknowledge the charity option and be informed of the ease of helping those who need a little helping hand.  There will also be a link available to direct the customer to the website of the charity we are sponsoring that month.

We are currently working on this option, and as soon as we know more from the builders of our website, we will be able to solidify the details of the new options.  However, it is still exciting we are going to be able to attract more of our audience with their ability to help support local and national charities.

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