Supporting Life Pieces To Masterpieces: Embracing Creativity, Empowering Lives

February is Black History Month, and is supporting Life Pieces to Masterpieces (LPTM) as our Charity of the Month. LPTM develops character and leadership, unlocks potential, and prepares Black boys and young men to transform their lives and communities. According to the Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH), Black History Month is “a special tribute—a time of acknowledgement, of reflection, and inspiration—that comes to life in real and ongoing activities throughout the year.” To learn more about the ASALH and the important role of Black History in the pursuit of racial justice and equality, visit


LPTM began as an afterschool program and evolved into a nonprofit organization. LPTM is a leading model for the development of African American boys and young men living in marginalized communities. It was begun by Larry Quick, an artist born and raised in Washington DC’s Ward 7. Quick was aided by Mary Brown, a highly regarded advocate for youth, and Ben Johnson, a skilled fundraiser.


Life Pieces to Masterpieces serves Washington DC’s Wards 7 & 8. LPTM utilizes creative expression and mentoring to develop Black and Brown boys to become catalysts for positive change. Their goals include:

  • Changing how Black and Brown boys see themselves.
  • Changing how the world sees Black and Brown people.
  • Providing space for our boys and young men to change the world’s understanding of shared humanity.

One way that Life Pieces achieves this is through creativity and self-expression. The organization takes its name from the unique art that youth collectively create — “art that reflects their lived experiences as a way to facilitate positive, holistic development.” In small groups, young artists collaborate to decide on a life experience to make the topic of their painting. They then make their masterpiece – using art to turn their “life pieces” into a “masterpiece.”

How to Support Life Pieces To Masterpieces

Proceeds from every order placed on throughout the month of February will go directly to help LPTM’s mission. To learn more about the organization and support LPTM in other ways, visit

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