Visionaries + Voices – March 2024 Charity of the Month

Visionaries + Voices is an inclusive arts organization providing creative, professional, and educational opportunities for adults with disabilities.

Our March 2024 Charity Visionaries + Voices provides artists with disabilities the opportunity to shine in the Greater Cincinnati area. The non-profit works to create a world in which artists with disabilities not only produce and share works of art, but are also given continuous opportunities to learn, develop professionally, collaborate, exhibit, and celebrate with community members.

The concept for Visionaries + Voices emerged in 2001 when Keith Banner and Bill Ross curated an exhibition in Base Gallery for artists Paul Rowland, Richard Brown, Antonio Adams, and Raymond Thunder-Sky. Bill and Keith both worked for county boards serving individuals with disabilities and met these artists over the course of their work. After that initial exhibition, more opportunities arose to organize shows and present the work of artists with disabilities.

The organization currently provides opportunities for over 140 local artists, providing them resources to use paint, clay, metal, fabric, colored pencils, ink, paper mâché, collage, photography, assemblage, glass, wood, and digital materials to make art. The artists develop their own personal art styles in the studio and take their work to exhibitions in regional, national, and international galleries.

Visionaries + Voices has studio locations in Northside and Tri-County. These studios are a community where creative energy draws people in and brings them together. Frame USA proudly shares a home base with the Tri-County studio, where dreams are painted boldly, inspiration is palpable, and community encouraged and nurtured.

Visitors are always welcome during normal studio hours, and artwork shown during Visionaries + Voices’ exhibitions and events are available for purchase. The organization is a part of the Cincinnati ArtsWave community. Some notable pieces made by artists at Visionaries + Voices include hand-drawn maps of Cincinnati, 3-D portrait dolls made of fabric and found objects, Russian-American New World art, paintings with colorful motifs of fish, birds, and giraffes, ink drawings representing the plots of entire feature films, and imaginative works in clay.

Visionaries + Voices artists actively contribute to the greater arts community through creative, educational, and strategic partnerships with local and regional artists, schools, and business leaders. The organization has been part of the Frame USA family for over 16 years. Every year, Visionaries + Voices puts on an art auction called “Double Vision.” This event will take place on May 3, 2024.

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