Help after Hurricane Harvey with the Houston Food Bank

Houston Food Bank
Houston Food Bank

An unprecedented number of people in the greater Houston area are affected by the flooding caused by Hurricane Harvey. The storm unleashed monumental destruction across southeast Texas. For individuals who already struggle to provide for their family’s basic needs, the flooding is even more catastrophic. 

The Houston Food Bank has a history of providing disaster relief, but we’ve never seen devastation on this scale. 

We will provide food and supplies in the short term and for many months to come to residents in southeast Texas who will struggle to rebuild their lives. The Food Bank will work closely with our network of partner agencies to ensure food is getting to those who need it most. We also find ways to connect offers of help with those who are providing help.

To help with the vision, Frame USA will be donating to the Houston Food Bank Harvey Disaster Relief in appreciation for your online order for the September 2017 charity month.

We are proud to support this great organization. Be sure to donate during the checkout process to help us support this great charity!

Houston Food Bank

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  1. It’s really inspiring that there are still people who are willing to give their helping hand and help those who are in need, especially those who have been affected by hurricane and storms. Hopefully, many would realize how helping can change the lives of those who have been a victim of such disaster.

  2. Good thing that there are organizations like this whom you can always ask for help whenever a disaster comes in your are or hit your place. They can give all the support the victims needed and it’s just right to praise them for doing it.

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