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Fillthetruck.org — December Charity of the Month

Every month Frame USA partners with a different local or national charity. We give to each charity through donating time, money, exposure, and resources. For every order placed on frameusa.com $0.75 is donated to the charity of the month. The charity for December 2019 is Fill The Truck



In December of 2010, Dan Regenold, CEO of Frame USA, had a vision; to fill an entire 53′ foot semi-truck for a local charity. He knew this would be his biggest charitable giving project and he would need a team to assist him. By the end of December, Frame USA ended up needing a second truck because they over filled their semi!

The truck didn’t stop there. To Dan, the truck represented hope, life and a second chance for people within his community who were down on their luck. Every December, Dan continues his vision. This year, Fill The Truck is celebrating 10 years of giving back to the community.

Last year we collected a total of 51,436 items that went to seven different organizations around Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky.

This year our goal is to get 60,000 items and we are calling on your help.

The money that we collect from our website will go towards purchasing basic things such as toilet paper, winter clothing and bedding. Things that a lot of us take for granted. These things can have an immense impact to those that are in need. If you are interested in donating an item you can add a donation when you place an order online at Frameusa.com or you can purchase on fillthetruck.org

In conclusion for the entire month of December 2019, $0.75 of every order on frameusa.com is donated to Fill The Truck. In addition to this contribution, our new website now offers the ability to increase your donation on the checkout page.


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