Turn Your House Into A Museum With Victorian Frame Inspiration

Sure traditional and rustic picture frames are nice and all but what if you want something that will wow your friends and have your walls looking like The Met? Art Museums typically frame their pieces in frames reminiscent of the art’s time period. Gilded frames are typically their go-to. Gilded frames are a type of victorian frame that has actual gold or silver leaf on top of it to create a fancy ornate victorian look.

While our Victorian-inspired ornate picture frames don’t use actual gold, they will provide you with the look of a high-end museum. We’re here to give you all the options available so that they’re all in one place for your Victorian inspiration look book.

The Options

The Victorian Frame

This series is one of our wider mouldings and features carved ornate filigrees right on the moulding. If you’re looking for a series that will provide drama to your piece, The Victorian Frame is the one.

Victorian Frame Antique Gold
Victorian Antique Gold
Victorian Frame Black with Gold
Victorian Black with Gold

While this particular frame features carvings, no one will be able to tell that it is actually made of affordable wood composite. We even used this particular frame for a spooky craft around Halloween.

Napoleon Picture Frame

If you’re wanting something a little less busy but still provides that antique vibes, our Napoleon Antique Wood Frame series is a perfect choice. Offering a similar profile width as our Victorian Frames this series features elegant roping and beading around the edge.

This series is available in both the gold and black vibes as our Victorian frame but is also available in an Antique Silver color. All three feature edges reminiscent of roman palaces with their coiled rope detail.

If these are still a little bit wide for your liking, check out our American Value Series. This series is available in multiple widths and in both silver and gold options!

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