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Recurrent Pregnancy Loss Association — February Charity of the Month

There is nothing more magical than deciding to create a family with someone you love. For many couples, days this magic is followed by days, months, or even years of pain and suffering. About 1-2% of couples experience recurrent pregnancy loss. For one couple, loss after loss prompted a decision to make a difference. This […]

Freestore Foodbank — November Charity of the Month

We’re one holiday into the holiday trifecta. The next one, Thanksgiving, is the one where a magical thing happens. People start to realize the gifts they have been given, as well as, realizing that there are many people who haven’t been so lucky. While our charity of the month selection is one that is around […]

The Live Like Maya Foundation — October Charity of the Month

The death of anyone is hard, but the death of a child is on a whole new level. Their little life cut short unable to experience those milestones that any adult have already experienced. The loss of this particular child prompted The Collins to honor her bright and sassy spirit in the best way possible; […]

April Charity of the Month: Visionaries & Voices

April Charity of the Month It has been an exciting past couple of weeks here in t the Frame USA offices, what with the basketball championship and a March madness type competition amongst the employees. As the excitement of both settles down we are reminded once again of a core value of Frame USA and […]

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