Painted Barnwood Frames Have Arrived

Those familiar with the products we sell here at Frame USA have probably heard of our line of Barnwood frames. Beloved for their uniqueness, we assemble each one from authentic reclaimed barn wood from across the United States. The infinite variation possible with natural wood means that no two frames will ever look exactly alike! Now, we’re adding even more variation to these products with an all-new line of barnwood décor picture frames. Introducing: The Painted Barnwood Frame!

Painted Barnwood Frame in Baby Blue
Painted Barnwood Frame in Pink
Painted Barnwood Frame in Whitewash

Previously only offered in a natural finish, the Painted Barnwood Frame pushes the Barnwood line to its next evolutionary step. Now, you can get your Barnwood frame professionally hand-painted in one of three great summertime shades: Pink, Baby Blue, and White Wash. The rough grain texture of these frames allows the paint to settle into the nooks and crannies of the wood. The result is a beautifully colored frame that not only preserves but accentuates its rustic, natural beauty. Use these painted wall frames to add a splash of color to your home or decorate a baby’s or kids’ room. You can even use these painted barnwood picture frames as a spotlight prop at a gender reveal party!

Painted Barnwood Gallery Wall
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Like the typical natural-styled Barnwood Frame, the Painted Barnwood Frame features a combination style profile that is actually two frames joined together. This creates its distinctive three-dimensional appearance. The profile is 1.5” thick and nearly 2” wide and can be positioned either horizontally or vertically to display your treasured art or photo.

Check out the Painted Barnwood Frames today!

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