Standard Size Poster & Most Popular Poster Frame Sizes

The Most Popular Poster Frame Sizes
The Most Popular Poster Frame Sizes

Standard Poster Size

We are often asked what our most popular and standard size poster frame sizes are:

  • 11×17 – The perfect size for framing a poster in a child’s room, or your office. It’s also a great size for other small areas such as a den, livable attic, or walk-in closet.
  • 18×24 – This is great for hanging advertisements in a lobby or venue. 18×24 is also ideal for just about any metropolitan area where people can see the image and read the words without having to be super close to the poster.
  • 24×36 – This is the most common standard poster size. Therefore, it’s also the most common poster frame size. This is ideal for concert and novelty posters to hang around your room or house.
  • 27×40 – This is the standard size for movie posters (occasionally you’ll find them at 27×41) making it perfect for officially licensed high quality movie posters, or other large posters.
Standard Poster Frame Sizes
Standard Size Poster

In case you were wondering, all frames can be used for posters no matter the type or style. Always remember when you’re choosing picture frames best suited for your needs to measure your image first. We also offer custom sizes in most of our products. Our frames are based on inside dimensions. This means if you have an 8×10 image but don’t intend on matting it, you should order an 8×10 frame. But if you want to include the mat in your framing process, you should order a larger size to accommodate.

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    • Hi Tom! It entirely depends on the size of the poster as well as the type of frame you are interested in. Almost all of the series have custom sizes available as well as the standard sizes listed here. You can enter in custom sizes on our website to get an accurate price.

  1. I’m looking for a set of 4 frames that are 41.5 inches by 8.5 inches each. It is for the MC Escher Metamorphosis posters. Let me know if anything like this exists. Thanks!

    • Hi Lucas! That is unfortunately larger than the size of materials we have available. We do offer a U-Frame kit but you would have to source glazing and backing for them. Since 41.5 is a custom size you’d have to give us a call for pricing! 1-800-577-5920

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